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  1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/71049198@N08/51144630104/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/71049198@N08/51143854906/in/dateposted-public/
  2. Hi Darcy, Who said it would cost any more $$$ then what you suggested doing? Same tools required and materials. They sell fabric by the meter and resin by the gallon- one layer of fabric each side isn't going to stop it failing. Do it right or you just waste more time and money overall- otherwise sail till it breaks then dump it. A new blade is $350, for someone not setup for fiberglass work, materials, tools and skills- I reckon its pretty cheap, certainly better then drowning. Box of beers is fast approaching $100, trying to keep up with land values. Regards, Dam
  3. Hi Darcy, such a repair as you suggest I would consider cosmetic- I have 2 issues to highlight here. Firstly the cracking in the gelcoat surface is due to fatigue in the matting layers underneath, if they aren't renewed your blade won't be as rigid as required and will give sub-optimal performance in its performance, function and durability. Secondly the casting that holds bracket will suffer wear at an accelerated rate, flaring it into taper, this leads to other patch up fixes like graphite shim washers. Fixed correctly eliminates these issues, when gelcoating over the rudder blade
  4. I really can't see the problem that you had to use a shackle, take the rope off the joint and hold it perpendicular to put it on- then pull it out, remove your scrapper and align the cord then drop it back in- simple as, put a little 316 self tapper screw on the underside to stop it pulling thru. I'd replace the cord while its all apart, easy to do. Spray the spring, a light mist of inox- then it will never rust out
  5. You don't need it, I would guess they have put the spring in back to front, the hook has enough room to slip on- but it has to be removed from the xbar to do it.
  6. the spring hooks up to the wire loop at the rudder end, at lest in the one I took a part today.
  7. maybe the rudder blades are worn - pays to stick a photo up, show us the top of the rudder blade and the roller.
  8. You will need to grind it back and lay some fiber(triaxial would be wise) onto it, fair it back, then gelcoat over it- at the cost of new ones I would suggest buy new ones unless you like to work. You will do it for around 1/2 the price but you need tools, so really just buy new ones. The older rudders are heavy crap, the core is placed pretty random by the looks of the one I cut up- its not in center that's for sure.
  9. this photo upload is crap like 50kb limit? whats the point of put it up?
  10. rises like a soffle' but doesn't shrink back- I did it in 2lt lots so the pressure didn't go bananas and bend the hull
  11. set up flange to pour bouyancy foam into hull and pour it bow,stern then centre
  12. been away from keyboard, back now. Here's an update on the resto- glue the deck to the hull after setting up and gelcoating the underside of the deck.
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