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  1. Thanks guys for the insight. As I’m probably only going to be able to sail about 6 times a year I think I will have a go at fixing them first. I also have some sand rudders as a backup.
  2. Hi all, in a previous post Darcy noted that I had some stress cracks in my Windrush 14 deep rudders that will need reinforcing and I thought this was worth a separate thread. Does anyone have any information or advice as to how to go about this? (Thanks again Darcy for pointing this out).
  3. Trampoline rail repaired and finally got some time to have a practice run of rigging the cat. All worked well and all the parts seem to be there. Didn’t set up the jib but all seems intact. All sails feel crisp and in good condition. Looking forward to getting it out on the water when restrictions are lifted.
  4. Thanks for pointing it out! I hadn’t looked at them too closely. Will add to the list of repairs to do. Didn’t get to see you at Toukley but will take you up on the offer for a chat sometime.
  5. Thanks Darcy. Obviously not as straightforward as I first thought. Interested in an opinion, attached is the photo of the broken casting. It is still attached to the pin at two points. The rudders seem to operate effectively and seem to be secure. Is it sailable in this condition?
  6. Another question about the cat. I need to replace the Port side rudder casting as it is broken at the top where the pin goes through. I have a new replacement but I notice there is a pin attaching the tiller to the rudder casting. Any ideas on how to replace this pin and what with?
  7. Thanks Darcy. I’m hoping to spend some time working on it after Christmas. Will give you a call for advice if I get stuck. I’m at Budgewoi, not far away!
  8. Thanks! All in good condition and trailer has a year's rego as well. I’m on Central Coast NSW. Now to work out how to rig it! I’m new to cats so I might need to call this forum for a few questions.
  9. I’m planning to pick up the boat but the owner has just advised that he gave away the beach dolly since I spoke to him on Sunday. Does anyone know where I can get one from? How much it might cost. Or alternatively does anyone have a design for a home made one that would suit the Windrush 14?
  10. Hi Rotech, thanks for the advice. I couldn’t remember if the forestay saddles we’re screwed in or pop riveteted but it does look like screws in the photo. I appreciate the advice on the tramp repair, good to know the actual rivet type - that may have been my next question. I will post progress on this thread.
  11. Hoping to tap into the expertise on this forum. Im looking at a Windrush 14 that needs some repairs and I just wanted to get some feedback on whether there is anything I need to know. Two main things I’m looking at. 1) The saddle for the front forestay is broken. Apparently the boat blew over while rigged on land. The owner has the saddle. Is it simply a matter of pop riveting the new saddle in place? 2) The trampoline appears to be in good condition, but the owner said some kids jumped on it and the pop rivets have broken He’s said I should just be able to replace the pop rivets. I
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