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  1. I'm chasing a carbon fibre A class mast. Ideally N NSW or SE QLD.
  2. Jish

    Clam cleat CL257

    You could try calling Windrush yachts, or your nearest Chandlery. https://www.windrushyachts.com.au/ Otherwise I often get parts sent up to Northern NSW from Boating Central: https://www.boatingcentral.com.au/products/cl257-auto-release-racing-mini-clamcleat They can take a long time to post if not in stock so might be worth calling first. Good luck with it.
  3. Good advice, cheers. Inefficient but thrilling, bit like a biplane vs a jet I guess.
  4. The Windy did seem a bit slower in the lighter stuff. Me & crew are slowly learning the importance of keeping weight far back on a reach. Very interesting the difference in boat characteristics, upwind/downwind etc. Often a compromise. Even my A class does great upwind but seems a little slow downwind, no doubt large part due to my beginner skills & the sleek bows that cut through water making it seem slow compared to the older designs that blast through sending water spray flying.
  5. Having now sailed both a Maricat & Windrush I have to say the Windy feels a lot more forgiving downwind in a fresh breeze. Mind you both were 80's GRP hulls with original colored sails. I lost track of the number of times I pitchpoled the Mari, even with mast raked far back. Pushing the Windy downwind I've come close once but even with delayed mainsheet easing the stern came back down (sloop 2 up). Seems the Windy can be pushed harder downwind because of this. I'd love to see them raced against each other. No doubt a Windy vs Mari race has happened in the past. Som
  6. Somehow managed to double post, not sure how to delete.
  7. Hey there, I'm looking for The catamaran sailing DVD, as mentioned here: https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/13231-catamaran-dvd/ If anyone knows where I could buy it. Cheers
  8. That's great, thanks your efforts with the pics.
  9. Photos of your outhaul when you have a chance would be great thanks. It does have a couple of holes where I assume the halyard cleat was, I've ordered another one. Regarding bigger Jib/mast rake, more speed/power is always great but I have an A class for that & the windy is to get my mate into sailing on a budget and to take places and conditions unsuitable for the delicate A. Probably not worth nthe expense for a new jib. I had a maricat with modern mast rake & original sails. Wild on a reach in a strong breeze but not much upwind pointing ability. I've re-swaged the sidestays on the
  10. Nice one, thanks Darcy. I'll see how she goes with my home outhaul & standard old jib.
  11. Ahoy there sailors, I've just bought an old Windrush 14 (sail 2808) and have a few questions. There was no outhaul. Does anyone have an image of a rigged W14 outhaul I could duplicate. In the mean time I've added a couple of pulleys and the redundant vang as an outhaul. Also the main is slotted into the boom? Is this recommended? Or is loose footed better? The mast top is missing a cleat for the halyard. The halyard has ferrule that I assume gets cleated on the front of the mast near the top. Is there a different mast used for super sloop or is the old standard one ok to trap w
  12. Hi Darcy, just wondering if these W14 tramps are still available? Thanks
  13. Any chance this is still for sale or re-sale?
  14. Anyone selling a Stingray in good condition? Ideally within a day or so drive of NSW 2480.
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