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  1. Gday, just picked up a maricat and rigged it up in the driveway for the first time in a thousand years by the looks of it, anyways, I'm wondering if anyone can post a pic of how the sheet is routed for the main traveller. Also there is 5 saddles fixed to the underside of the rear beam, anyone shed any light on this? Lastly, something I overlooked when making the sale, it's missing the dolphin striker, anyone got a pic of one and can it be MacGyvered or am I able to sorce one somewhere. Cheers
  2. G'day, may have been covered before but I'm in the market for a catamaran so I posted a wtb add in the usual places and I have been sent a few maricats to look at. So I'm after a bit of expertise, besides the obvious things to look for, what are, if any, the maricat specific things to look out for that will turn you off buying one, like soft decks on a hobie cat etc. etc. Cheers Steve
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