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  1. Hey Guys thanks for the replies, sorry for late response forgot my password I managed to get the tramp in with three guys helping but it unzipped and i fell through when i sat on it !!!!!! Do you know what thickness the rope is supposed to be as I'm wondering if its the wrong size? track looks fine and it pulls out on front and sides. Cant really afford a new tramp at the moment. Cheers Steve
  2. Ki ora i recently acquired a run down surfcat 14 that had been abandoned and i've been repairing it over the winter and getting ready to try sailing for the first time !!!!!!!! The tramp needed re stitching which i had done by a local upholsterer but when i feed the rope into the runners on the side i get about 1/3 of the way down and it unzips out again. i checked with the upholsterer and he didn't change the rope that was on the tramp. Can anyone tell me is this a common thing and you just have to struggle with it or is something wrong with the tramp rope. Thanks in advance an
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