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  1. I replaced the cleats. took a while to drill out the old ones. I managed to replace one of the broken springs in the tiller. it was really hard to get the tiller joint through the hook end of the spring but I got there with a bit of bending. I can't believe how much tension is on them at all times. I was only able to put in a half bolt through the tiller tube into the tiller joint, I think its because there is too much pressure bending the the bolt hole in the tiller joint. its seems to be hold fine. and I put a bolt through the lower tiller , not sure if its going through the stretch spr
  2. So I got a quote for $640 for the Jib and Over $1700 for the main. does this sound about right ? seems cheaper than what I see on hobie counter parts.
  3. Try testing it on one side first as a dry run , to make sure its not a rope or track issue ? does it still fall out ? the tension on these can be huge to begin with and need a bit of time to adjust. I have restitched before and it lasted 15 years but was a bugger to put on after coming back from the sail maker. replaced with a new "one piece" from windrush which was also tight to fit and took a bit of time to settle in.
  4. thanks for the reply. Website seems to be back up. They have the springs which I will order. I have emailed them about the jib. Not sure a mylar jib would work on an older boat with out a lot of upgrades. also I have a very specific colour scheme.
  5. Hi all, First time posting long time stalker. I have had a windrush 14 for a while now (17 years) and just shredded the jib which might be 30 years old. I have a very specific colour scheme (black and white) , so I think I need to find a sail maker in Sydney , any suggestions ? Is Dacron the way to go these days for a jib ? I have a furler but is self tacking the an option ? I checked windrush and it seems to be down or gone at the moment ? any clues as to what is happening there ? I need a recommendation for a some cleats for the jib as my are long over du
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