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  1. Hi. I live in western Australia and doing up mari cat Does any one know where I can get these Clam cleats CL 257 from in western Australia. Need it for my rudders so the pop up wind hitting the sand bank:)
  2. Thanks darcy. I got given the Jib when I bought the boat and the previous owner said he could not work out how it worked. Thanks for the info on the jib will try and work that out. Darcy do you all so have the leech side of the batten, the ends to tie the battens in? Thanks
  3. Hi I am all most ready to put my boat in the water after doing some work to it but wondering, the mast on the photos of other boats does not seem to be 90 degrees to the boat, look like it Angles back to the stern of the boat. How do i know what that Angle is? or is it correct? Just wondering how or where people have mounted a wind vane on there boat? What is the sliding little loop used for on the same track as the jib sheet block used for? What sort of Pully do i need for my jib halyard at the top of mast? I have a jib but previous owner never used it. Than
  4. Thanks new to this page. Found a couple pictures Thanks
  5. Hi people I have just picked up a old sea mach catamaran. Would love to see some photos of a couple set up so I can work out if I have all the rigging. Can't wait to get it out on the water Cheers
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