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  1. Good to know mate 🤙 thanks. That's the next mission to find out 😆
  2. Oh wow ok there ya go 😝 we didn't worry about what it is, didn't even think to ask. We were just keen to learn sailing which we did now we can catch up with the rest lol.
  3. Tena koutou katoa, my name is Kingi, I'm based in Pukekohe NZ. I recently bought a Maricat 4.3 for myself and 2 young boys to learn sailing. After 2 good sailing trips i have the back corner screws (holding the tramp to the hulls) come out probably due to age of cat and my weight. Now the hulls fill with water through the screw holes. I'm super brand new to this whole sailing thing and looking for any advice around how I could repair it or maybe who to see. Any feedback would be appreciated 🤙
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