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  1. I had a Hobie turbo with a built up front mast step casting (about 7mm added) - it was the rage in the 1980s - I would not do it again because the back of the mast hits the mast step casting anyway and sometimes locks. Would be easier to get a later mast step casting and a new rivet gun.
  2. Just joined ten minutes ago - I had a 1986 turbo with hull number 42** stamped in pylon. Fitting that attached to bridle had single bolt like on a H16. Black rudders. Tillers had no up bend. Jib ran through blocks attached to wire between chain plates, not to front beam. Furler was small not big one (had an early 1980's hobie that had the fatter hobie furler). Cast dolphin striker. Sail number 42**** where late 1980's. 5***** plus where early 1990s. Can tell from magazine pictures of boats sail numbers era. The numbers casting look early 1990s based on what H16 look like.
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