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  1. That's a real bummer NJ. My daughter lived on the top floor of her unit block and we contemplated using a couple of mainsheets to let stuff down (she moved out on Sat) but the wind was so high that one of the neighbours would have had a mattress in the living room!! Had to use the lift (just like normal people!). I heard 37 knots on the Harbour, one guy couldn't pick his crew up because the undersized outboard could move his boat into the wind! I finished the weekend with a spot of post and rail fencing, nearly finished though. Oh, daughter's flatmate has a 50" flat panel tv, bugger wei
  2. Awesome Mick - you lining up a couple of A's for the boys? You da man!
  3. Bugger, won't be there good weather or bad. One of the kids needs help moving house. See you next time.
  4. Seabreeze (http://www.seabreeze.com.au/graphs/nsw4.asp) looking a bit nasty at the moment but hopefully will sort itself out for the weekend.
  5. depends on where you intend to do the unzipping, me - I'd say no-zip - you can use the trampoline, plus the windage, ooh the windage. you'd have to watch out for the pink sails though, they may make you regret ever needing to take that course.
  6. I think the key is "active fleet" - if you're going to race it's much more satisfying to sail with/against the same type of boat. See what's available in clubs locally first, then buy. That's how I got into cats, went to my local club to see what single handers they sail - Mannering Park only does cats so a cat it was!
  7. First day done - well done - nice sailing, in fact, thanks to Rimmo's sail very very nice sailing. methinks if I can steal the money from the housekeeping over the next six months there might be some changes to the pecking order at Mannering Park. Well done to Wangi for putting on a WINTER (remember really really cold - NOT) series. See you next fortnight albeit with my slow sail. KO
  8. Google Maps: Wangi Wangi NSW rsl http://maps.google.com.au/maps?hl=en&q=taralga+nsw&um=1&ie=UTF-8&split=0&gl=au&ei=z9vuScv8BI2PkAXcq_yaDw&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1 Watkins road Wangi. The sailing club is just beside the RSL - plenty of room at the club, nice grassy area to rig/launch, hot showers at the sailing club, jugs of beer at the RSL. If you're ever there for breakfast, do it - also the little shopping centre over the road does real nice bacon butties too. The Careel 18 Nationals have been there pretty much for ever!! - since p
  9. UPDATE, confirmed yesterday this starts on Saturday May 2nd, this coming Saturday.
  10. Thanks guys for putting this on. Very nice day, W,NW,SW breeze from 18 down to about 3 made for interesting sailing.
  11. Excellent Phil, looks to be a windy one again (westerly this time so no big southerly swells). I've hyjacked an MPSC email distribution to see if there are any takers, Darcy's ex-army so he'll be three sheets to the wind by 9:30 after the dawn services so he's excused! J
  12. Last year there were three Maricats including Mick, Phil and me (bringing up the rear). Was interesting given the storms that we had in the previous week. I'm going to go but I'm not sure about any of the other Mannering Park guys, it is Winter after all and they'll probably be tucked up in front of a nice big fire sipping on their mug of cocoa.
  13. ring Darcy. his number is on one of his posts
  14. can we get some clarification on this. Darcy's post in the regatta section says 9th May start and fortnightly, you're saying 2nd. Please put up a post to clarify. I think there should be one or two Mannering Park people there.
  15. Excellent, next to the A Class cats the IC's nearly as awesome - I'll be there backing up the 14ft cat fleet.
  16. should also say that what Tornado says about twist is characteristic of windy's, may not necessarily be right for other cats. the mari for example needs the leech to be tight in order to get the mast bending and the sail shape under control.
  17. quite right. there are some ratchets that are essentially fixed in one plane - rotate one way, don't the other. there are also some that have a spring mechanism and they'll only grab when under pressure, don't see these so much, I think there were too many mechanical parts. most have a switch so you can disconnect the ratchet and allow the block to rotate freely in both directions. on my harken carbo this isn't one that can be done on the move, you have to dismantle the cheeks to do it. others have a switch on the side.
  18. Aye! There are ratchet blocks available. I have a harken triple ratchet with cleat and becket block at the bottom and a triple cleat at the top. Because the cleat is never right - it's angle changes so that to avoid it getting in the way you make it 'sit' up high (ie when the block is right down at the end of the traveller you can still release it without too much trouble). It's the ratchet that stops the block from turning that relieves some of the stress on the old hands. I have another set of blocks which carry slightly thicker line - these have a ratchet and are crappy old yacht, seco
  19. yeah, let's make it a championship series - ten races (by my calculation) - might be up with yous guys by the end (now I can tack!!) I just have four weeks to plug the holes and polish the hull bring it on
  20. And warm toddies after racing at the RSL
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