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  1. I think there's a sweet spot. The mainsail telltales (and I have many) don't really help, you can see from the forestay fly's that the wind is forward, pull the main in (let the traveller down so the boom comes down - leech is nice and tight) - if you feel the pace is going off then head up, if the speed goes up, head down. I'm a real newbie on all this stuff but it really is a feel thing and a real buzz when you start to catch people in front. In the windy the measure is the amount of spray - I've been in front of one on a broad reach, looked back and just saw a mast sticking out of a larg
  2. I'll certainly be there - by cooling the beer do you mean hanging it out in the weather !!
  3. cat rigged 14 footers tend to be "blow downwind" boats. I've seen sloop windy's downwind - one tacks for apparent wind, the other straight downwind, they start together at the top and end up together at the bottom! (it was probably T620 and his dad!) Different in different winds though. on reaches play the mainsheet hard to get apparent wind going, makes a BIG difference. destroy an old video tape and put one long streamer on each forestay, you can then see when you're going dead downhill plus you can see the apparent wind kick in on reaches. definitely 6:1 with a ratchet - look around, y
  4. mine has a number (2782 I think) in stick on letters on the side under the rear beam, that's the number I used - can easily be taken off and replaced, not like vin no's on cars. Think up a number - how about 1374, get stickers apply. Job done, insurance obtained go sailing. A Mk1 can be identified by the rear beam/traveller - they're separate, on a mk2 the traveller is part of the beam. Also a mk2 boom has a rail along the top all the way from front to back but that doesn't mean a new boom has been bought.
  5. this weekend is the last for me, good turnout at Mannering Park for the Club Championship, next weekend I have to work but after that there's a long "winter" ahead. keep me (and anyone else interested) posted with activity over the winter - I'm a Pom (from the Midlands) so anything under 8 degrees is reasonably cold, otherwise it's sailing weather and game on!!
  6. do you guys still sail at Gosford? are you sailing over the winter this year? are there any 14ft cats sailing there? there's bugger all on Lake Mac and I for one are looking for somewhere to sail.
  7. by the way Phil, Speers last year was REAL autumnal weather dark forboding clouds, rain, wind (big southerly with big north end waves). For the majority who wouldn't come out last year (it was raining and a little bit on the cold side - time to turn over and pull the doona up a little further!) - the water was filthy due to the previous week of storms and big rain. And the sailing club doesn't serve beer!!
  8. Just hope there aren't any "furry things" in the water this time!
  9. There's always Toukley's Brass Monkey and the Speer Point thingo on Anzac day. But then what about the rest of winter.
  10. How about Toukley every month on Sundays or Sats, MP every month on Sats or Suns with a two week gap in between. Nice shallow waters won't get too chilly. I'd think that one or two weekends wouldn't be sailable (freezing rain, hail, typhoons that sort of thing) but charge the usual $10 per day, two races would keep the rescue boats outboards from seizing up and pay for the beer fridges to be cold. Maybe we should import some nice English real beer, a pint or two of Winter Warmer would go down a real treat!
  11. yes, yes, yes !!! except that it's too far away. I'll be spending the winter all rugged up in a doona - won't step out of the house just in case a tootsie gets frostbite !! Actually I have a big maintenance program this winter, maybe I'll paint the Maricat a nice shade of Pansy!
  12. still here - looking forward to doing some more successful tacks this weekend (last weekend was Careel 18 racing - Pittwater, beeeutifull). You guys coming, it's the club champs series thingy, then it appears only one more Saturday of racing. I dunno, back in old Blighty we'd sail every weekend through the winter - I even did a couple of series without a wetsuit - scrape the ice off the boat we did too. I'm not calling catsailers pansies but a bit more rigour and stiff upper lip would certainly help. How can the youngsters get enough practice in if they're not sailing! Anyone know anywher
  13. Jimmy (local Mannering Park guy) sells polyester dinghy line which is actually 7mm and fits the 30mm Harken Carbo - quite nice but hurts in the breeze - no pain no gain of course!
  14. Some here will know that I've had A LOT of trouble with tacking my cat rigged Mari. I think I know what it was. Cost me $120 (cost of Frank Bethwaite's new book). Someone said early on that my main lacked shape so I tied the battens in a bit firmer. I then kept tightening slightly to get a 'nice' shape, then a little more! It seems that I put too much tension in which caused the back of the battens to bend too (resulting in someone suggesting I shave the front to get a better shape). Last weekend I let off a lot of tension, still retaining quite a nice shape and LO was able to tack. I e
  15. The caravan track is rivetted on with the track facing up. Darcy used the same holes and you'll need long (aluminium) rivets. The greatest difficulty I has was finding something the right size to put in the tramp to stop it coming out. The original red poly line was too thick. I ended up firstly with three core electric flex (nearly exactly 7mm) and then replaced it (because it looked odd with three coloured wires sticking out!) with air hose from Clarkes Rubber that was also 7mm (not 8mm that's too thick). You will need to seal any cracks first.
  16. I had a problem with the track. Have you taken off the tramp and tried the blower? I ended up sealing along the underside of the caravan track then the ends and then the top side of the track. Also had to re-sika the hatch cover and I still get about two litres. I'm thinking it's the hull to deck join. Anyway, got not time to stuff around (till winter anyway when MPASC goes into hibernation) - better to be sailing.
  17. Zax is right. I've been reading Frank Bethwaite's new book. He's clearly pushing his own designs (49,29ers) but his point is good: serious 470 sailers get two hulls a year and one per major regatta - this is simply because they go soft (or too soft for high level comp). So, to sail the handicap you require firstly a top level sailer, then that sailer requires a top level boat, in the 470's this would be a very new one, in our group, maybe one per year like I notice Mick does. Rarely, there are some that are "lasters", maybe Jason's No 16 is one of these. The rest of us are content to be i
  18. My 0,02c Definitely NOT foam sandwich: 16 Maricat Cat 94 Sweet 16 Jason Kakato 5277 Maricat Cat 95 Sunnyside Up Rob Rimington 500 Maricat Cat 95 Ins & Outs Jeremy Arnold 161 Maricat Cat 94 Sea Frog 5 Dominic Smith 6 Maricat Cat 94 Snow Fox Israel Smitn 3017 Maricat Cat 94 3017 James Wearing
  19. yes absolutely - you have to learn to stop and start, to do this is a cat rigged boat is hard, you need to be much further off the wind to do it properly. the long skinny boards will need more speed to be effective. On Sailing Anarchy (.com) there have been discussions and there's a very good vid of some college sailers 'bump' starting their 420, basically stopped, then heel to leeward hard, let out the sails slightly then hike like bitches, boat goes from stop to full speed in about four feet. Trick is to be able to do the same in a cat!
  20. I don't think the guy at the boat end who starts to accellerate at the gun has 'won' the start, probably neither have the rest of the block of boats in the same vicinity (and pity the poor buggers in the second and third row), they just can't get enough speed and clear air to 'win' regularly. The percentages alway point to a little further down the line where there are fewer obstacles. Also depends on wind speed, if it's light you can play games, like making sure the boat behind doesn't get a leeward overlap, you accelerate slightly, bear away then slow, he's then overtaking and has to keep
  21. There's a very interesting thread going on on Sailing Anarchy on this subject. As yeti says it might not be a requirement, never became one did it but it should be a consideration. Thread is: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=82654
  22. "knuckle dragger" my arse still, interesting, thanks for that
  23. Inquiring minds at play here, why does a sloop not perform better upwind which is I think what you're saying. I'd have thought that the slot effect would increase ability to go to windward.
  24. wouldn't that define healing to windward!! like the foiler moths do.
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