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  1. http://www.rya.org.uk/KnowledgeBase/racingrules/Pages/Guidetothenewracingrules20092012.aspx Has an interesting PowerPoint presentation from the RYA. Needs PP version 2002 or above. Why the interest from me? we lost 2nd place in a Nationals once - if I knew then what I know now we wouldn't have lost the protest! Am I an expert on rules - definitely not - prefer to avoid issues.
  2. in case anyone can't find it here is the direct link: http://www.manneringparkasc.org.au/Cat%20Open%20Regatta%202009%20NOR.pdf
  3. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=O1hea5S1p9M just like us!! note mast bend - keeps the main flat happy xmas KO
  4. And there are many different types of Dacron, my TY main sounds like a rifle firing when it flaps due to the resin content. The trendy Mari radial mains have expensive ripstop threading in them which probably makes them more expensive than other types of material now available. Still, my yellow main is going well after about 25 years so it does seem to last a while!
  5. but Darc, that'll mean that everyone else knows the same !!!! there's competitive advantage to be had in these corners of the internet !! seriously though, you, Brenton et al are absolute treasures, I'd happily sail all day and every day with you guys. being a salaryman (with a boring job) means I have time during every day to make this type of enquiry and then mull the responses (before stuffing it all up on the only day I get to actually go sailing!!).
  6. thanks TS, I think that was what I did, just a little twitch is all that's needed to bear up a couple of degrees and bring the nose up - so many things happening at the same time!! It's all a matter of water time (on, not in!) I guess.
  7. So, Saturday we were racing in NW I'd say about 12 gusting 20 (Southern Lake Macquarie, observations are Norah Head, a bit further to the WSW but on the East coast). There was a small wind swell, possibly about 2ft going with the wind. On the second reach (olympic triangle) I was honking along on Stbd. So a gust hits, these are not slamming gusts just a large increase in pressure, possibly I sailed into the band of higher pressure. Go faster, bear off, watch for the leeward hull. So, what happens, if I charge into the wave in front I'm likely to keep going down am I not? Or should I go even
  8. That's fair enough, if Bnaccas want's to sail on his / family's own and not race then a longer cat might well be better (more stable, faster etc). Trouble comes when he want's to race against other similar cats.
  9. I'll add just one more comment. Once you've taken whatever you buy out for a sail, go screaming up and down a few times you'll then look around and think "what now". That's why I suggest you find out what your local club has because racing is THE best way to get to sail your new boat. I got into cats because the nearest club sails them. We have a 14ft class of mixed cats, most are Mari's but the others are good competition, oh and there's a clubhouse with beer for afterwards!! What could be better!
  10. Find a club that sails cats and select the one that you'll get most OD racing with. Once you find the club, chances are you'll find someone who 'trades' them. Up our way 14's can be got for $600 up depending on condition etc etc. I have a Mari but there is a mix of Mari's, Windies, etc at Mannering Park. The Mari has a nice rounded deck to make it more comfy to hike but I suspect it goes down the mine faster because of it's finer bows. Make sure the mainsheet can be let off real quick!!
  11. Since I read this stuff and have opinions, please give consideration to relaxing the block hanger rule so that more than one hanger can be used. This will allow us poor people to run 8:1 systems without paying out, I'm guessing but close to $1000 for an 8:1 quad system. I can probably cobble up an 8:1 system cheaply if I can hang two sets of blocks off the boom. KO
  12. When you find "Maricat Events" look to the bottom right where it says "Read More", click that.
  13. you say "simple rope" and "attached near the mast" - please explain. How long is the rope Does it have bungee to hold it in place (if so where) To what is it attached? Is it tied to the 'holes' in the dolphin striker, if not where. I like simple.
  14. I have an old disinfectant bottle (with a handle) to tie to the headboard for those windy days (that I tend not to venture out into!!). On the one Manning Marathon we did in our Careel there was a youngster in a laser with a plastic milk carton tied to the top of the sail. Or you can buy the real McCoy of course.
  15. on my Trailable the hull/deck join is re-inforced by rivets, might help here too.
  16. well done, whereabouts is the separation?
  17. No, from what I understand the pressure might blow the deck off. Blowing down the garden tube certainly highlighted leaks for me.
  18. Garden hose - stuff into the bung holes - blow hard put thumb over hose - soapy water in spray bottle. On mine it was the hatch covers (not enough sikaflex) plus the tramp rails, still havn't done that yet. I've also tried duct tape where I thought the problem was just to eliminate it.
  19. I note that Zax mentions : 1- 8:1 mainsheets. You should amend the rules to allow multiple hangers on the boom then. A triple block costs around $300, I've actually never seen a quad and would shudder to think how much that would cost. 2- Repairs have to allow anything. Epoxy is generally viewed as a far better solution than polyester for repairs. Polyester shrinks and it doesn't mechanically bond to itsef as well as epoxy. Who knows what super products might become available in the future. The class is 'tricky' enough as it is with its multiple sub-classes and differing sail layouts a
  20. Simple mate - sail Cat like the rest of the competition!!!
  21. The other thing is that "Morton Bay between Cleveland Point" is pretty much open water, next destination is New Zealand by way of the Styx, Briso and Lake Maq are nicely narrow so just lie back in your pfd and wait till you hit something hard!!
  22. Simo, fret not. The main story here is of open waters. One of the attractions of sailing on Bris Water, or Lake Maq is that in case of trouble you're always pretty close to shore. You should pop up to Mannering Park on Saturdays or Toukley on Sundays and do a bit of racing. Certainly at MP there are generally about ten mari's of all skill levels (literally from the very best to me and my back marker mates).
  23. as usual Mick you're being economic with the information you impart. please provide detail of this award, for a start, from whom does this award (well deserved of course) come from?
  24. nice one - geeze those padded shorts make my arse look big!!
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