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  1. "winning isn't everything - it's the only thing" For the rest of us it's the cameraderie, the challenge, being in the 'traffic', the competition. KO
  2. an update, rules can be downloaded from here: http://isaf.org/20348.php discussion and comments here: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=77924
  3. Wassup - too lonely at the front Darc - looking for a bit of traffic action?
  4. Mick, if you give out a regular Saturday that you guys are coming down (eg 3rd Sat each month) then maybe others might pick up and come for a regular bit of competition (eg the guys who sail at Kurnell).
  5. Whilst I have no official office I was wondering if it was worth highlighting that the Mannering Park YC signon day is this Saturday (13th September 2008). The website says: SEPTEMBER 13TH * Sign up for the season * Pay Membership and Registration * Enjoy a sausage sandwich Doesn't say what time, anyone? Darcy? I might even try a practice sail, see if the old cow has forgotten how to tack again! KO
  6. YA have announced the issue of the new RRS, scheduled for November. In the past I've been able to download them from either US Sailing or the RYA (YA, our own organisation require us to own a blue book). There are articles about the changes though, in particular the two length rule for mark rounding is now generally three but can be changed to two or four in the SI's. I've never fully understood rule 18 but it's been clarified and obstructions have been given separate treatment. This is interesting: http://rrsstudy.blogspot.com/2008/08/racing-rules-of-sailing-2009-2012-8.html This covers
  7. Can't you sleep Mick - or are you off nice and early for some extra practice?
  8. Goto say that this has to be the better way. Maybe you could put the details on the web, then even "home handymen" can make a legal sail. KO
  9. My understanding is yes, they abandoned the 'approved' list that the web site mentions so put a note up here and the specs will be sent. KO
  10. Thanks for the reply. Could you send the information to Dave Turner too: eastwindsails AT bigpond DOT com He's made some pretty mean sails for my TY and also apparently made my current Mari sail (25 odd years ago when he was an apprentice!!). Thanks [This message has been edited by knobblyoldjimbo (edited 12 August 2008).]
  11. just a suggestion, why don't you just publish the specs (maybe as a separate document on the website) for all to view and then take to a sailmaker for quotes etc. I know the guy I use for other sails has been confused/irritated in the past because he didn't receive an update so built someone an 'old' sail. It'd also allow us traffic people to assess the differences rather than waiting to see a 'new' sail on the water. there are plenty of other classes that do (505's, Etchells etc etc) and I think that simply indicates that the class is being managed in an open way (not that it isn't of cour
  12. Korwich, you mention the Dragon - is this something like the Black Dog (depression) or the Dragon as in St George. I too am subject to that particular beast, working in IBB my fate is firmly sealed.
  13. since Darc hasn't told you how to fix it - what I'd do is get some fibreglass tape (or even carbon (hehe)) and mix up some epoxy. Get some plastic and wet the tape with the epoxy. Slap the result onto the crack. You could also grind the area around the crack so that the epoxy gets a nice mechanical bond. There is probably a better and more technical approach but for me it's function over form!! KO
  14. sorry, it's called Ooomph - changed my inspection hatches today - it got rid of the residue, the stuff I couldn't scratch off.
  15. I just got rid of some black sika with Moovit - glue remover. It was just a small bit but it worked quite well and faily quick.
  16. I was talking to Dave Turner (Eastwind Sails) when I picked up a new genoa for my Careel 18. Apparently he made a spinnaker for the guy who used to own the sail I use (3017 - yellow ochre colour) - apparently one of the hot shots. No launcher, two up, went like stink apparently.
  17. On mine (and I think most others) I have a 2:1 downhaul onto a metal clam cleat. Uphaul is achieved by letting off the downhaul and a thick bit of bungy pulls the blades up. Cam cleats do a model that auto-releases under a certain amount of pressure, maybe this would provide what you require for your circumstances.
  18. Ah phew, on Monday I had to cut down a tree that had propped itself against the feed shed, went to the tractor and the tyre was flat, got out the compressor and the head was cracked! Went and got a new one from Bunnings. A mate said why didn't I use a foot pump! would have taken all day, those tractor tyres are BIG. I did two races, one on Sat in about 12-18 (DFL as usual), missed race 2 when it blew up to about 25 knots then the second on Sunday when it went from S to NE and from 0 to about 6, gave Darc a fright though - he hadn't expected me to be anywhere near!! Next time Darcy, next ti
  19. If anyone is interested: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/New-Harken-75mm-Carbo-Ratchmatic-w-Cam-Becket_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1638Q2em122QQcategoryZ31281QQihZ013QQitemZ230254937890QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD2 V seems to be a triple block with cleat and ratchet. Couple of weeks ago I acquired a 40mm triple - cost me A$81 shipped to home. Cost me another A$60 to buy the standard 30mm triple to go with it. Saw the same block in a chandlery for over $300.
  20. Find Darcy's phone number - it's in several places in this area. What Darcy doesn't have and what Darcy doesn't know isn't worth bothering about. His garage (two normal cars and several hotrods, including his new foam Maricat!) is groaning under the weight of cat bits!
  21. Due to the large number of responses !! I have a Maricat - the rudder blades look like they're 550mm. You might need a bit more once one of the hulls is down to the rail in a bit of a blow. I know what you mean about the flat rudders, I have an old Windrush that has them, however, with the Mari we tend to rake the mast quite a bit (helps point and helps stop nosediving) and I've noticed that when I take off from the beach with the rudders out the back (ie not fully down) it really doesnt steer properly at all. As soon as they go down (and forward) everything is ok again. I'd suggest there
  22. Spectre, Wyong High, you survived - you have my respect. See you at MPYC in Jan KO
  23. There's also the Toukley Brass Monkey Regatta on that weekend. Due to it's proximity to Mannering Park it might be resonable to expect some of them to attend, quite possibly some of the hot (hottest) shots in the class. NOR and entry form at: http://geocities.com/toukleysc/ Not that I'm any threat Mick but I might go there, every regatta needs its backmarker!
  24. but recent mk2's are made of foam sandwich which makes their hulls stiffer and arguably faster
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