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  1. Thanks for putting that up GL, I thought I'd been DNF'd but hadn't. Interesting stats though. I was 'only' 18 mins behind Mick although the corrected time brings me out at 26mins behind - I don't really understand that the fastest foaming hotshot (by his own admission) gets an 8 min gain on me. Oh well, I'll just have to try that much harder eh!! Nothing like hijacking someone elses thread is there!
  2. one day KW one day - I'll be in before I'm out!! BTW, I think I got a DNF but thought I did the course (triangle, loop, triangle to finish), was there something I missed?
  3. That must be it Mick - firm cheeks - mine were a little clenched today - but I did notice that Nobby's Head registered 25knots when we were out!! [This message has been edited by knobblyoldjimbo (edited 25 April 2008).]
  4. I think what he means (and it does make sense) is that to get the clew higher to accomodate rake what do you do, either you put another clew hole in (higher up) - like I've just done OR you increase the height of the mast and hitch the sail up higher. Since you can't increase the height what can you do - chop the top off at the head. Sail goes up higher, boom comes up - happy days. Wish I'd thought of that one, bum!
  5. I understand that the season is over. Pussies !! Wangi though have a winter series and Speers have a race on Anzac day.
  6. Just found this, look down for "season opener" now that's dedication: http://www.sailinganarchy.com/index_page1.php
  7. I believe they are, certainly MP - last day although as a newbie it beats me why there isn't a winter series.
  8. No friends - means I have to sail alone !
  9. ah, I said "tack", not "tack well" - subtle but significant difference!
  10. hooray, I finally got Piglet to tack. After spending a good five minutes trying to tack at the start and the stuffing up nearly 100% of tacks on the first three of four windward legs I finally got it sorted for the fifth (and last) and did a bonus windward just to confirm - I went from 10% to 90% - did tack, up to speed, tack, up to speed. Thank god for that!!! And a magnificent Saturday it was too. KO
  11. My god, you guys are talkative, I bet your partners don't get a word in. If you're going to say something then say it - this isn't a puzzle group - give it a go, at least 150 words on the Easter Regatta PLEASE! How many races, what were the conditions, who drank the most beer/or no beer at all, etc etc etc.
  12. Put the pics onto http://picasa.google.com/ - you DON'T need to download their software if you don't want. Then you can just put the url. Like this: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/wearing.james/Careel18KatrinaPolishing Just as an example. (the maricat is just behind the container if anyone is concerned!)
  13. That sounds like a good idea (since I live nearby). What are the logistics - how many days, how many races, which organisations are we required to join (and how much), how much is the entry fee likely to be. KO
  14. When I spoke to Dave at Eastwind sails he expressed a little confusion (and frustration with the class because they don't appear to keep approved sailmakers up to date). He is an "approved" sailmaker (while he understands Redhead isn't). He also said that the only place that a seam is allowed is on the batten pockets therefore no batten - no seam, this would seem to rule out radial cut sails. It does make me think though (when seeing Zax's nice carbon main) that we could just bung up what we want, join the "traffic" and take what handicap is meted out. Me - I still have to learn to tac
  15. I have an 'old' sail and don't have my mast raked quite as far as the hot boats (I don't go as quick either but until I can tack properly and stop capsizing then that'll continue!). I havn't had to change the sail at all. If I want to rake a bit further I understand that I can just get another hole put into the clew a couple of inches higher up (still in the reinforced area).
  16. does your jib have a leech line? on my Careel I had a genoa that did this, just a little tension on the line (and attached tiny jam cleat) put it out of its misery. Mind you I did three out of four nationals races with it thundering away I was too scared to change it! It was a pretty new genoa too.
  17. http://www.sailinganarchy.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=65843 has a thread about the English Merlin Rocket dinghy. It's a development class that has been popular for decades. Costs about the same as a new 5o5, constantly changing but still gets fleets in the hundred. Change isn't something to fear, but maybe does need to be managed a little better.
  18. Thanks for the comments, I have little time unfortunately to 'survey' boats at the park but I'll have a look next time. Problem I've got is that my cat has an older triple block where the angle and the position of the cleat is fixed and welded in. In the interim I found (in a sailbag for a junk Windrush I have) a ratchet block that might make the difference. I have two hangers on the boom so I'll put it on one and a double on the other. Might sound tightarse but until I learn the boat I'll not make major changes.
  19. Thick and fast - didn't have time to stick around yesterday to ask. Poor Darcy was in the start boat yelling instructions but I was just too far to hear clearly. Boat went right over (they should mine that mud it must be good for something) and I did recover reasonably well. So, I got the recovery rope and stood on the gunnels (underside) until the mast was visible, I then got onto the lower hull and continued to pull. Where should my weight be? Right at the front? I'd uncleated the main (cause of the trip in the first place!) so once it came up it sat nicely and I got in at the front.
  20. I seem to be having problems with the way my main sheeting works. I have a cleat, which, when the traveller is right down is correctly positioned ie a small flick down (the cleat faces down) will release. On the wind though its a different matter. The cleat is so high that it is almost impossible to work. This means that small adjustments are extremely difficult and require all sorts of gynastics and in the end I just have to hold onto the uncleated sheet (which in yesterdays puff became too much). In my book you sheet in tight in order to point then when you get a gust flick out to relea
  21. But I don't think its just cats, there are similar discussions all over. I've noticed that (with my Careel hat on) there is a small resurgence in the cruising side, there have been 20+ boats just recently so it might be cyclical. At the club level (while Darcy is still manning the ramparts at MPYC) there seems to be plenty of activity and I for one (when I get to attend/put the bungs in) am quite happy to be "in the traffic" for the extra experience it provides. As to the foam boats, there is a danger of complete fragmentation of the class, there are now two sets of sloop/super sloop/cat gi
  22. same wavelength HM2, vive la difference.
  23. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/pleb "pleb - one of the common people" Nothing wrong (or undiplomatic) with this. The manufacturer appears to have created an alternative Maricat that performs differently. If you want to be at the front this is the boat you need to own and sail. The cost of this compared with the 'original' is not insignificant. The ornery people don't need to be part of this if they continue to sail the original then they continue to enjoy one design racing in company. KO
  24. who cares - racing with real people is what it's all about - if you want to be in the front get a foamy - if you want to race with the plebs save your money. KO
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