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  1. hmm can't edit but the thread is the one about what to look for in a used mari
  2. I was just browsing through the main site and noticed that under the Maricat sails for sale (at $1084) has a picture of the Zax sail that, in a thread here (the stolen sail thread I think it was) was stated to be illegal. The one in the pic looks remarkably like a carbon (or other exotic) material. What's the story, if I ordered one would it be like the sample pic?
  3. Thanks, that does go some way to explaining the situation but why is there so much variation in sailplans - there seems to be a big difference between older and newer sails.
  4. oh yes, Eastwind Sails, Dave made a main for my Careel 18 - it crackles like a firecracker (high resin content apparently) !!
  5. I'm just a noob so I'm just saying what strikes me. I'm sure the headboard wouldn't have an impact on the measurement (except that it has to be a certain size). I don't think the shape is regulated, only the dimensions. Zax, I thought your square top was carbon, doesn't that rule it out. I also would have thought that the arms race that seems to be going on anyway would allow experimentation, the pic of the 'lost' green sail would also look like a high top compared to the older shapes. As to square top I wouldn't think your's has gone as far as it could when you look at other boats (A cat
  6. I read the rules for mains (from the website) and it would appear that they require a 6060mm leech and there are length rules for battens which appear to be max length. This would allow a full square top main like the one in the pic. There are also other materials like dimension polyant flex which is designed as a cross cut material although it seems to be only available in 4.9oz which might be a bit heavy.
  7. an observation from another class, my Careel 18 does this because the deck/hull join is suspect. it's not dangerous but the talc resin mix they use (more talc less resin is cheaper) breaks down. On Careels it's really hard to see where its coming from, some have totally removed the deck and redone it, the current trend is to release the rubbing strip and sikaflex into the gap. The maricat seems to be of similar construction so it might be the same. Remember that the hydraulic pressure when the leeward hull is hard down is quite significant.
  8. Thanks for that. What about weight - should I move to the leeward front/rear or windward rear/front when moving the rudders - or just scramble around in the middle?
  9. Had some very useful hints and comments about tacking at MPYC on Saturday. So far this seems to be THE most difficult part of the cat sailing equation. So that I, and other 'nooobs' can understand better can we have some helpful suggestions as to the best method(s) of tacking. The cat - raked mast - long tiller extension - normal stuff. After racing I took my son out in the increasing breeze - great fun but could we tack, not at all, just didn't have enough way to get through to the other side. KO (aka James)
  10. thanks LeRoy - it does. I found a shorty suit (2mm I think) for $80 here in Sydney so I might invest - I have a rash top (a QLD Maroon one acquired from the QLD Careel fleet at the last Nationals!) so won't look too stupid!!
  11. And the answer is NOT a catsuit. I've just acquired a "Darcy Special" and joined MPYC. What would I need to wear at this time of year - I have a pfd and reef shoes but does one use a wetsuit of some sort. I've seen the lighter spring suits and might even find one that fits my aged frame! Thanks James
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