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  1. When I google this: tiller universal joint I get pics of the Holt or Ronstan uerthane UJ so you can see what they look like. As far as replacing your tiller then you have lots of alternatives. Like Rodney says, conduit, bamboo etc. I use 12mm ag pipe that you can buy in straight lengths from Bunnings. At the UJ end I have about a foot of conduit which then goes onto the UJ perfectly, in my case with rivets. I've drilled holes in mine and wound 2mm vb chord to provide grip. For really light days I have a length of conduit that fits into the ag pipe to provide ext
  2. Try Darcy, he's got buckets of bits. He might have a replacement. Otherwise there's a rubbery universal joint that quite a few use. One snapped on me once so I don't like them any more. A battlestick is guaranteed to bend! Particularly the expensive telescopic ones!
  3. You'd need to grind out the crack - do it further than the current damage. Then you'd need to use some sort of bog. I would be inclined to mix up some epoxy then mix in some chopped strand so that the repair is strong. You need to get chopped strand that works with epoxy, the stuff they use to keep it together needs to be soluble by the resin. I've done this also by chopping up mat with scissors. Most people will do this with polyester resin but reading the interweb indicates that epoxy is far better for mechanical bonds ie glueing one bit to another. Poly resin is only o
  4. If you're interested in the Central Coast, contact Darcy (his number is in the for sale and Maricat sections) he knows a guy in Mannering Park (Graham I think) who does this sort of stuff. He restitched my Maricat tramp. Subsequently I also cut off the hiking straps and reworked them with new ones, mine are adjustable at both ends. In the front, I burned small holes in the tramp with a soldering iron and put in a plastic grommet from Bunnings (about $3 for ten) and put the spectra through there and onto saddles on the front beam.
  5. Risk is that your new tramp will become a sail so when you lift a hull the wind will get underneath and flip you over. In the Maricats we use cross cut material that, when tightened up actually stiffens the whole platform.
  6. Please see the for sale section. Lots of pics on the Gumtree ad. $1750 number 0403 079 718
  7. Maricat 4.3 Sweet 16 $1750 The earliest example of a 14ft Maricat still sailing and a tribute to the fibreglasser's skill. Sweet 16 has been extensively upgraded and refurbished. Some years ago the deck and hulls were split and 'cleaned out' (please see the 'inside' pic - I'd lost the sponge!) There are inspection ports in the rear deck. A characteristic of this boat is that the bows are narrower than the current standard boats. Rumour has it that she'll nosedive but I've never done that - something to watch for with any Maricat! There is also a rumour that she is down to weight
  8. Have you tried Yachting NSW, insurance through Nautilus I think. Mine is $60 per year for third party cover.
  9. The class rules say dacron only. The redhead 'flash' sails are dacron although they use a neat ripstop dacron. I would guess your Lee sail is $950 PLUS battens which put another 3-400 on - stil a good price though. Rather than rollers you could try hardwood or fibreglass which spread the load over a greater area. Rollers can / have caused bruising on the hull, generally on the front section.
  10. Steve, a local guy who sailed PT's (until he took off around Oz in his camper) had a small hatch in his trampoline, in it was a rope ladder for just this purpose! The hatch had a velcro lid.
  11. http://www.manneringparkasc.org.au/temp/results/14%20Cat%20%202016%20Overall.pdf looks like 37 or 38 boats with Arrow, Maricats, PT and Windrush.
  12. Still waiting but from a photo that's been posted on FB yes, there were a bunch of Arrows and a couple of PT's as well.
  13. By the way, not sure where you are but on 8/9 October is the Mannering Park 14ft cat regatta. You're likely to see old and new Maricats and Windrush and you're likely to see Paper Tigers and Arrows (both home buildable). Not sure what else there'll be but in the past we've also had Gliders (12ft f/g cats). http://www.manneringparkasc.org.au/
  14. Have you tried Google? Several pictures plus a book and references to this site http://thelibraryofslavery.com/dng/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=222 Looks like a very expensive project to try to build something that's in the same era as cats like the Shearwater.
  15. And while we're on the subject I got the links from here: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=176613 This one looks pretty neat: http://www.whitecapc...rokat/index.php
  16. Not just for Shipwright but I've noticed this before. Something to do next winter! http://www.ctmd.com.au/ds12.php
  17. Here's a thought, Koonawarrah Bay SC - I've sailed there exactly once but they have a shed full of PT's. One, a 'club' boat that they lent me was excellent so I guess they won't let that go but there were others there. It's a bit sad but they really only have a handful of sailors left (they do have quite a strong model yacht group though). Their web site I think has contact details.
  18. I've found that Gumtree usually has a few and also the paper tiger web site (or one of them) has a for sale section.
  19. What was the "lengthy negotiation" Phil? Phil: Hi guys, can we do the Maricat titles at the 14ft Regatta? MPASC: Yes Ok. Now are you going to have separate starts like you did a few years ago or is it going to be a common start?
  20. yes, and if you make it out of carbon tube it won't weigh much. Think about broken windsurfer masts (a local surf/dive/ski place used to sell them and I used one as a whisker pole, one as a bowsprit, one as a tiller etc).
  21. You should probably put this to the PT website (http://www.papertigercatamaran.org/ptcia/) From my perusal a while ago there are people making FRP from molds but I think most of them use the Larry Fay mold and they're still commercial so might not be available for personal use. I did email one of them a year or two ago, cost of a completed ready to race one was about $18k. I found a material that would be interesting to use in construction http://www.polycore.com.au/ I went to see a guy building a 45ft cruising cat in Cairns using it and have a piece at home (offcut of cour
  22. Yes, there is a Maricat part that has curved bases that nearly fit the rear deck. Alternatively a couple of BCF hatches at $10 apiece plus a load of Sikaflex will do the job. Mine came with rear hatches and the bungs had been filled in - another common place for water to get in. I also have a drill powered pump to remove any water that's got in - I think most of mine comes through the hatch covers!
  23. Hmm - there's always a different way. In my case the top gudgeons (and the bottom ones) had bonded into the aluminium backing plate so I had to drill them out with a hole saw! I guess that now I can undo them I could shim them.
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