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  1. WANTED .... asap .... two centreboards for Nacra 5.8 - condition : as long as they are not snapped in half I would be interested - for an older boat but don't mind tidying them up if needed! Call me on 0412011598 - BRISBANE (but don't mind paying for post/freight!!)
  2. The buy it now price? It was first on at buy it now for $4500 but when the first bid was made it just beacme active bidding and the buy it now option wnet.
  3. Check out the 4.5 for sale in Brisbane on EBAY!
  4. There is a NACRA 4.5 on EBAY for sale now in Brisbane!
  5. Hi, Has anyone got a spare set of Hobie 16 sails in reasonable conditions that are no longer required - faded? - no problem - ripped to shreads - keep them - minor repairs - fine! Preferably in Brisbane - will pick up! Thanks!!
  6. For Sale : one set of Roll-a-Cat beach rollers - like new - hardly used - black wheels with galv axle - suit Hobie 16 or other Cat! $350ono ph 0412011598 Located in Brisbane!!!!
  7. Hi there! Yeah I was the lucky one that got Nacra 5.0 #2018 for $900 and I can assure you it is a long way from being stuffed!! I have had a few 5.0's and this one is in the best nick out of them all. Have had it for a sail at Lake Samsonvale and Wivenhoe - sails beautifully. Also has all the go fast gear, bells and whistles including bridle foil - sails are like new, etc. The boat was covered in mould and moss but with a good dose of Domestos (hospital strength of course) and a polish she has come up looking great! Took about twelve hours to restore finish. Came on a heavy duty trailer, catha
  8. See FOR SALE section of the forum....
  9. I have a reconditioned boom for a 4.3 Maricat for sale. It is in excellent condition - like new - no scratches or dings and is as straight as a dye ! Currently listed on e-bay for $120 - you can by it now for $100 . Located in Brisbane - call Ashley on 0412011598.
  10. I have had alot of success with metho and/ or acetone. If there is any sticky residue, dust the area with talc. Try the acetone/metho on a small area first in case you get a bad reaction.
  11. Welcome back from the brink of domestic oblivion !!!! Sailing is THE sport to be in(trust me .... I have tried a few sports)One GREAT place to sail and store your boat for a reasonable charge very close to Brissy and right on the lake is at Lake Samsonvale. Check out the website at www.lswsa.org.au Great fun, great venue for social sailing, racing and secure storage of your boat rigged and ready to go. Plenty of people to give you a hand, advice and direct you to reasonably priced parts. Check it out and have a great time at Humpybong....another fantastic venue for sailing !!! PS: message fr
  12. Wanted: Maricat 4.3 in good condition for use by Youth organisation at Lake Somerset (near Brisbane); sloop or cat rigged; sand rudders or kick-up; MINOR repairs and required TLC okay; must be trailerable (not necessarily registered); we are after something which can be sailed and is not ready for the scrap heap (We know the Maricat well and are aware of their great reputation)If you can help please call Ashley on 0412 011598 Thanks !!!!
  13. Can someone give me an idea of what I would expect to pay for one of these beasts in good condition. A ball park figure is fine. Have found one but not sure what it is worth. It is on a good trailer with rollers, sailbox and some 'extras'. The boat has been left in the weather and the glass (gelcoat) is a bit chalky. Tramp is also good. Otherwise everything else is in good nick. Also....what is the performance of an 18 like. I currently have a 5.0. Would it scare the living c....out of me or ...... Thanks !!
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