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  1. Where are the next nationals Matty?
  2. If it is no.11 that was my first 16sq which I won the Belmont Nationals on in 1995 as as well as a Qld states. It was never number 1. All the sudden I feell old!
  3. I guess if you are interested in the boat you would have a look at it and decide for yourself what it is worth, than make an offer. As Cruiser said Mick has done some work to it and doesn't take much to rack up $2500. But like with most things in life you never get back what you spend. Haveing said that I find the bit about the light weight hulls a bit hard to swallow, must have one hell of an angle grinder. 16sq do hold their value. I have had three and the only one I lost money on was the one I bought new, but you expect that with anything you buy new be it a boat or a car or whatever.
  4. I only use Mothers liquid canubau wax. You get it from most automotive stores. Just make make sure you use the wax friendly carwash liquid or it will wash straight off. I prefer it to normal polish as you are just coating the gelcoat. If your boat is a bit dull use k&h cut & polish then put the wax over it.
  5. Nacra 5.8 no.1653 Current National Championship winning boat. Boat is just over 1 year old and is in imaculate condtion, keep in shed from new. Comes with: Harken carbo mainsheet blocks Harken carbo rachmatic jib blocks Fiberglass tiller ext. Staymaster sidestay adjusters Board & rudder covers Bigwheel beach rollers Trailer and spare tyre Sailbox Boat is sold [This message has been edited by Scott (edited 15 July 2010).] [This message has been edited by Scott (edited 29 July 2010).]
  6. Pitty some sheila is steering it in the photo. Ive heard he does not like to trap and prefers to squat on the deck! Proably not even wearing a harness!
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