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  1. The inaugural Women and Girls’ sailing regatta will be held on March 19th and 20th at Humpybong Yacht Club, Woody Point. This is a two day event however participants can register for one or two days of sailing. Regatta spokeswoman Kate Slade “This will be an annual event on our racing calendar. Entry is restricted to female skippers only. While male crew are permitted, the skipper must be female. “ The regatta is being held to encourage and provide the opportunity for female sailors of all ages (with a junior division) and skill levels, to come together and improve their skill
  2. Notice of Race posted for HumpyBash 2021 https://www.hyc.net.au/events/76677/?fbclid=IwAR1tQgLyH7S8_ecOuWKHdEdsKGHjV6xo4363y16Pri8TJ4aHcbNGfJbOs-g
  3. Registrations will open on 17th September when the notice of race will also be posted. .
  4. Registrations are being invited by all sailors intending to come enjoy the fun in the 2021 Humpybash regatta, Humpybong Yacht Club, Woody Point Redcliffe. https://www.facebook.com/HumpybongYachtClub/photos/a.113368352053310/4485034161553352/?__cft__[0]=AZXi-PU6zvzczyDuzXQrUkUagxtUDUcID14kCnGOREXOwxd5HMbM1EB2uvNjsMMuv9yTYqd0A_M79k2SiTRWtzZUGEvC0VHEE9TkZfTkyA8DjWAvgC0I86vR3B6RHPzSDbyfiXzCSylOElqzfclES1WsK71kzqN-nnwJW5VBkwDHtJ_sPjNhFQUPu1o1KkuqbAI&__tn__=EH-R
  5. Registration is now open .. The Countdown is on and the Bash is four weeks away.
  6. https://www.hyc.net.au/events/73643/?fbclid=IwAR3YVVX0jzVZrKycvxJoLygLFOPmlkrAJwbUvU1if-0Ti0Yuace0RW8PpDQ The Sixth annual Humpybong Yacht Club Winterbash is set for 7 & 8 august this year and HYC is getting a lot of interest sd word spread .. If you want a fantastic weekend of top class sailing register now to assist with catering and logistics.
  7. Sunstate Hobie put up a pic and story on Facebook of a new Hobie 14 going to a keen Gold Coast owner.. When asked they said they've sold nine new H14s in the past year.. So there is some interest in the class and if those numbers continue you would expect there may be a return to good numbers in club cat fleets. How many new Maricats and Windrush were bought in recent years? https://www.facebook.com/sunstatehobie/photos/pcb.3983115731775162/3983115275108541
  8. The regatta is now just a month away. Lady sailors from mixed crews who want to attend the Womens and Girls regatta are invited to register with details on their intention to sail as a skipper or crew so that Humpybong can compile a roster or list so that those positions on boats can be filled to get as many craft on the water as possible.
  9. Can anyone advise when was the last maricat built, and are anymore being built or are Nacra's the go to boat in recent years?
  10. Humpybong Yacht Club - Women's & Girl's Sailing RegattaTickets www.hyc.net.au/events/93047 Open to all off-the-beach classes Junior division included 9am social sailing 12pm afternoon racing Sunday pm BBQ and presentations Earlybird registration open until 07/05/2021 Registration open until 8am on 15th & 16th
  11. Christmas Regatta - December 28-30 There will be a regatta at the club open to all classes. This will also include the 125 State Titles for 2020 and anyone wanting to try a 125 should come down on the 27th Dec where boats and skippers will also be available for anyone to try a 125. Register now https://www.hyc.net.au/events/83764/ Sun 27 PM will be burgers & night cricket under lights $5 Burger Mon 28 - Deaf Sailing QLD will be hosting dinner Pastas & salads $10 PP Tues 29 Pizza & Trivia $10 pp W
  12. We had 51 boats for Humpybash and Saturday was picture perfect but more challenging on Sunday when the wind and waves kicked in .. but everyone seemed happy.
  13. I am happy tp report Jellyfish are remaining scarce in Moreton and Bramble bays and expected to remain that way for Humpybash next weekend. Principal Race Officer Allan Crawford is preparing to ensure racing begins and is staged on time for all events on Saturday and Sunday 17 & 18th. Seabreeze is predicting 10-15 knots for Saturday with likelihood of the same for Sunday so premier conditions for the event. If you haven't registered as yet please do so to assist Humpybong in catering and logistics for the weekend .. go to hyc.net.au hope to see you there
  14. Humpybash is now just a fortnite away if you are keen to attend and haven't registered already please do so .. The weather is back to glorious Queensland high 20's with sea breezes so the on water action should be fast and furious.
  15. HumpyBash is being held on the 17 & 18th of October and is hoping to attract as much interest as at July's WinterBash which saw 151 boats attend. Further info: hyc.net.au
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