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  1. Hi Guys, I have a Quickcat I restored about 15 years ago for sale. I sailed her about seven or eight times the rest of the time she has been sitting high and dry in a shed. She is in good condition, I re-decked her, rebuilt the center frame, sanded and painted her. I bought a copy of the original plan from Lindsay Cunningham so it was rebuilt to spec. The sail is in reasonable condition, she has all rigging and sheets ready to sail. The last time I sailed her I broke the center board, I haven't got around to fixing it yet but because of the hard chine she is still sails witho
  2. Hey Mitchlb44 you don't know the sail number of t*n Party? Is it a 2 or 3? What's Culphy up to these days, haven't seen him for years? As for the bits; I have a fore beam (new)and a main beam (not drilled, is a peice of the old 2 mast), a 2 main, some 2 and I think 3 jibs, there may even be an ally rudder box or two up at the factory (off Sonic). These bits are spread over different parts of Victoria so may take a few weeks to get if they are of any use to anybody. There may be more, I will go for a rummage. You can email me richard@sumit.com.au With regards to the original plans, Lindsay
  3. If anybody is still following this post I can fill in a few blanks. I owned and raced The Beez Knees (307) from about 1985 to 1992-3. Great to see it's still racing. Was on the QB3 committee for a few years. I am still in touch with a couple of the old crew. I still have a few bits and pieces if anybody wants them.
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