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  1. $4,500.00 plus frieght if orderd this month to be built with the other two sets of hulls on order. There is a big differance. Call Scott to place your deposit 0423821282
  2. Todays results: High winds, big waves Race 4. Mick, Wayne, Leon, Mark, John (SS) Race 5: Mick, Mark, John (SS), Leon, DNS for everyone else Micks still a winner. Zac lost a mast. Many other gear breaks. It looks like cats are faster than super sloops.
  3. OK I think this is how it goe's. There is only two super sloops. John Merl and Andrew Cook from Tanilba. We are all starting together and doing the same course. Cat div Mick, Wayne, Leon from QLD, Zac Breaden, Mark Colecliffe from WA, Laucky Tucker from Tanilba, Lea from WA, Jason from Mannering Park (having a few hull problems) SS: Merl and then Cook Don't quote me but it would be fairly close. Tucker has pulled a few suprises out of the box to perform a personal best. Jason looks thretening at times but just not finishing the job. Big wind blowing today so this will sort the men from
  4. First race. Mick, J Merl then Wayne Second race. Mick, Merl then Wayne Third race, Mick, Wayne then Merl Post update tomorrow. Sandwich Action. Buy Micks new winning demo boat $9,750.00 including trailer. The whole unit is only 3 weeks young, Currently in QLD will deliver the Sydney. BE A WINNER.
  5. Just ask Wayn how strong they are. T-BOANED by an F18 and back on the water next week. I went over the top of the "BITCH" rudders and he come of second best. Ive been training with the new boat, so look out suckers.
  6. holly Sh#t, No more nose diveing on a reach. bounces over the waves in stead of going through them. A bucket load faster that Humungus. You guys are just the spray of my rudders. Anyone want a test sail can be stoked in between races or before the nats. I will have the boat in the water 1/1/07 for tuning and triles.
  7. Tanilba bay states, Sallamander bay nationals. you beuty. BRING IT ON To much time on a maricat is never enough.
  8. No worries, as long as it is between races. I will be giving her a gentle breakin tomorrow. Yee Hah
  9. Just arived in stock. 4.3m cat rigged. Ready to test sail this weekend a the Tanilba Bay Sailing Club. Price $9,450.00 including race sale. Trade in's welcom. Call Mick 0419999785 or Scott 0423821282
  10. Scotty the man. are you good enough to be at the nationals in Jan with all that mast rake of are you a Queenslander all talker no action
  11. hi dood, My mast rake is set by the stay lenghts. 5.5m on the front a 5.0m on the back, provided the measurment from the centre of the honud eyelet to the bottom of your mast is 4.81m. The thimble of the froward stays are in the third hole of your chain platefrom the bottom. The rudders are tucked under the boat 45mm in front of the transom, but this will vary from boat to boat with weight ect. With the sail just get another eyelet put in 6" above the old one and don't cut the sail. Yes there will be some sail left dangling but it helps down wind in my opinion. If you want sail specks, give
  12. Maricat parts are easy to get when doing up the old girl. Maricat Catamarans NSW located Port Stephens Phone 0419999785
  13. Wow, talk about busy. The amount of old maricats being done up is amazing. The activity with maricats is full on. Don't forget. New foam sandwich hulls can make your boat like new again.$2200 each, ready to bolt on. New Maricat ready to sail from $9450.00
  14. Plenty of new maricat spares at Lemon Tree Passage. Should have a demo boat by early December. Come and try some sandwich action on the new generation foam sandwich Mari 43. "To much time on a Maricat is never enough" For more info call Mick on 0419999785 or Scott on 0423821282
  15. No worries John, I am worried that I won't have enough time on the new boat to tune her. It is going to be interesting. It's not the queenslanders I am conserned about. It's a certain sailor from WA. He sails once a year and still beats me. I know there will be at lease two from WA. I hope QLD can do a lot better than that.
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