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  1. Its sold and went to Sydney Cheers
  2. Forecast for Peel Marathon is about 10 knots from the s/e more then the previous years, always a grait day on the bay Cheers
  3. Hey Matt Sorry to here about your wasted trip, I think that guy coated the hulls in gold he only paid $1500 for what you saw yesterday 3 mths ago. I didn't relies you were going for a look otherwise I would of mentioned this earlier. The Nacra 5.8 as suggested by madaboutcats would be a grait buy if your wanting to coast around or club race, fast but stable boat, allot of fun and you cant go wrong. Cheers Damo
  4. Hi John I have one only Cobra centre board you can have for free if this helps (its in good condition) I'm at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. You can call me any time on 0418880117. Cheers Damien
  5. What dribble shit is this!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi Robert I would love to see a square top on the Cobra as there isn't to many cats you can home-build on a budget these days with better performance and modern looks and may be an extra square mtr of main to keep heavier guys in the class? "just an opinion" Cheers :-)
  7. Building of Raw Prawn Final pick hull out of the mould now to start all over again with the port hull, need only board case and decks then fit out. Cheers Damo
  8. Raw Prawn Mozzie build Just a few more pics, all the reinforcement done now for the bulkheads to be taped in. Just struggling for time Cheers
  9. 4 including myself and one to be made after mine is out of the mould.:-)
  10. Hi Guys Just thought I'd post some pics of my new boat under construction I should have one hull popped out this weekend if I can get all the bulk heads in first. Mozzies starting to build in SE QLD hopefully a few more by next summer. Cheers Damo
  11. Hey Steve, Plenty of cats at Cleveland and grait people, If you get stuck the guys there will be more than happy to help out with set ups also. Im on a break from racing this season from there but will be back soon with another cat. Cheers Damo
  12. Sorry I'm on the Gold Coast QLD. I might have a spare hull you can have cheap, I'm just waiting on a call first, getting it to Bendigo might cost a few $$$$ unfortunately. Cheers Damo PS must of been one hell of a stack!!!!!
  13. Hi Jake Were are you located? I might have something cheap for you in the pipe line but need to decide in the next day or so. You can call or text me on 0418880117 Cheers Damo
  14. Boat sold!! off to the ACT Thanks for those that enquired about the Tiger Cheers Damo
  15. Still for sale open to reasonable offers, ideal boat for the Hobie national titles in January, boat was still under weight before we purchased this 18 months ago Cheers Damien :-)
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