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  1. Can someone please advise what the current choices are for forestay brackets? Mine were odd until a couple of weeks ago when I ripped on out of the hull as they were installed on the outer edge of the hull and not the inside. While I am repairing the damage I want to set this right and move them inboard. Also what was the standard ply thickness used on the hulls?
  2. Does anyone know what the differences in weight are for the different hull materials?
  3. Another Paper Tiger from LSWSA is on the way and also one more from Bundaberg (this will make 3). The weather looks like it is getting better day by day. Hopefully if it rains for the marathon it might be a bit warmer. Looking forward it the challange.
  4. Geday Darcy, Can you give me mode details on the Paper Tiger eg sail no, etc. Gary
  5. Captian, I would suggest you contact any of the sail makers in Brisbane. All they would need is the old one as a sample. Happy Sailing Gary
  6. I'm looking for advice on what is the best coating for wooden rudders? Has anyone used polyuerthane resign as a top coat? Gary
  7. Guys, This sounds all well and good but does anyone ever think about us fringe dwellers that never get to see upfront these new ideas in action and have to try and study them from a few photos (if that). When is someone going to add this type of infromation to the paper tiger web site so that all can be excited and not just those who went to NZ? I'm all for trying something different just to see what happens. Gary F
  8. Picture Perfect. Check out the photos. http://picasaweb.google.com/106372595925977737525/WivenhoeMarathon2010#
  9. One has even been seen sailing at Lake Samsonvale in Brisbane. Looks good. http://picasaweb.google.com.au/106372595925977737525/20100321#5460290936955265842 Gary
  10. Damo, Looking at your photo, I think you might want to check the alignment of the holes in your rudder pintles. If they are not in alignment with each other (verticle) it will put undue pressure on the fittings and could be causing the cracking. As far as the glass repair procedures I will leave that to someone with more experience. Gary
  11. Has anyone ever tinkered with trying to make cat rudders more balanced ie bringing the leading edge of the blade foward of the pivot? What effect does it have on steering and are the gains worth the effort? Gary
  12. Here is the reply I recieved: Gary, Thank you for you enquiry in reference to a 200 metre exclusion zone around the Woody point jetty. I do not know what the other gentleman was referring too. There is a requirement for all vessel not to pass closer than 30 metres of a jetty or pontoon while processing at greater than six knots. Kind regards, James O'Connor J.P. (QUAL) Advisor (Marine Infrastructure) | Marine Operations (Brisbane) Maritime Safety Queensland Division | Department of Transport and Main Roads
  13. Thanks everyone for your advice and you will not see me too close to that jetty from now on. All I have to do now is address his claim for compensation. Gary
  14. John, I was aware of the regular fishermen on the jetty and thought I was well clear or their lines but was not expecting this so called shark line that was not very far below the the surface evan at that distance. It must have been out a long way for it to be at that level. I will be giving it a large berth in future though. Gary
  15. While sailing my paper tiger out on Bramble Bay (Humpybong) yesterday I had an upset fisherman approach me claiming that I ran over and broke his expensive shark fishing line. He was on the end of the jetty and made the claim that boats were not allowed within 200 metres of the jetty to which I have never heard before. I am currently waiting on a reply from the state department on this. Has anyone every had a similar occurance? Gary
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