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  1. Cats, dinghies, trailables, keelboats. Handicap start. fixed marks, clock starts at 1pm. ph or email Darcy for details. 0243591729, darcy.w@bigpond.com
  2. $300/$1000, depending on condition of sails and tramp.
  3. Have a few odd, jibs that may suit, and odd windy parts. 02 43591729.
  4. Mast rake for current sail design is determined by side stay length (5m, eye to eye) Windvane is mounted under the jib bridle, if sloop rigged, or cassette tape tied to the forestays if cat rigged (Twin forestays) The saddle on your jib track is to secure the end of the jib sheet, which then goes to a pulley on the clue of your jib, then back to the fairlead and cleat, then across to the other cleat and fairlead, forward to the other pulley and back to the saddle. Give me a call about your jib halyard, it is not the original setup. 0243591729.
  5. See Toukley Sailing club site for NOR.
  6. See Toukley Sailing club site for NOR.
  7. Plenty of photos on the site, just scroll through.
  8. Have a few good 2nd hand Tiller bars. 0243591729
  9. Come up to Mannering Pk (Lake Macquarie) and have a sail with us, Saturday Mannering Pk, Sunday Toukley. Darcy 02 43591729.
  10. Sounds about right if you are going to stick with your colour scheme, but, you could buy a good 2nd hand windy with good sails for $2k
  11. The bolt rope is to soft and is flattening to pull out of track. You are going to have to find a much harder rope.
  12. It doesn't have to be marine, I have seen stiff rubber of the correct die used.
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