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  1. hey Gogong, there is an older model 5.8 for sale at our club wallerwang. not to sure of the number. it could do with some love but it still sails. regards ramy
  2. hey mate, this web site my help your friend fine some wheels, and keep his cradle. http://beachwheelsaustralia.com/category/low-pressure-balloon-wheels/
  3. I heard rumours that the 5.7 moulds have been remade. Has anyone heard about this.?
  4. hey, A friend and i are chasing up a Taipan 5.7 or some hulls in any condition. If anyone has one that they willing to let go of or know of anyone who might have one in a shed. could you please contact me. Steve Ramsden on 0400636407 or email me at steven__ramsden@hotmail.com. or Brenden Case 0439086392. Ragards Steve
  5. yep sorry about that one number to far, i have 84 my mistake
  6. Hey darcy, when is that on. I'd say that there will be a couple of us heading up there. its in feb isnt it?
  7. thanks matt for the help. i think its going to be a slow process until it gets a bit warmer. richard, carls last name is schults. his boat was the first taipan i crewed on when i 12 out at carcoar when it had water. i was at oberon on the 5.7 Too Easy. What where you on. Where are you sailing from?
  8. also i think the boat was build for cat rig as the says are probalby half way between the front beam and the dagger boards..
  9. Thanks for all the replys guys. The boat is ply not to sure on the weight of it yet. Its sail number is 085, i bought it from a young fella from canberra and now im sailing out of Wallerawang sailing club. we have 3 5.7 and 1 other 4.9 but i havent seen it for at least 5 years. all the other boats are lasers. so if i want to compare i have to travel to the coastal regatters. I've crewed on the 5.7 at a heap of them. just dont know if im ready to skipper yet. I took it out on satuday for the first time, and it didnt sink so that was a good thing. the wind was blowing 15-18 but when i final g
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