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  1. Post a wanted ad on the Taipan website. It's a good time of year to do it as people have just bought sails for the new season. Going rate is usually $750-$1200 for a still competitive sail.
  2. other advice is post here, here and here. Most the Taipan guys don't come to Catsailor
  3. Who is making the new tramp and how long will it take? Usually I'd recommend Bags but I'm not sure when he's due back from the a class worlds. Andrew Vise got a new tramp last year. Look him up on the Taipan whose who page (on website) as he may still have the old one.
  4. what type or rudders are they? can you post a picture or email me one (chris (at) ctmd.com.au) there have been a lot of different rudders used Taipans.
  5. cheap main here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/926944664047687/ If you talk real fast you might be able to twist Dave's arm into selling you 2 mains as he owns three that I know of. You really should advertise on the Taipan site. No need to be a member just be buying or selling Taipan related gear.
  6. Post here and here there are plenty of second hand sails out there. For the F14 you might be better off with an old "pin head" which still have a sizable head for a 14' boat.
  7. A viper or similar late generation F16 would be your best bet. Mossies and Taipan 4.9 are both raced 1 and 2 up but the mossie won't handle 180kg well and the Taipan will bog down a bit. Ok for blasting with a mate but don't expect to win any races. Any of these can be easily rigged and moved around the beach single handle.
  8. Couple more leads for you. Dave Parker is looking to do a small run of Taipan rudders. dpmarine@outlook.com As new stocks here
  9. contact Tom: http://www.a-cat.org.au/classifieds/show-ads/?id=396 he's just upgraded his Taipan rudders and might be able to sell his old ones.
  10. Big call mate, you didn't beat anyone who beat you at Christmas. So no reason to even expect you to make the podium based on that result.
  11. We used to travel up and down the east coast with camping gear for 4 and a hobie 14 behind a gen1 Honda Accord with a 1.6L engine. I don't think there is a car on the market that won' be able to tow your Windrush.
  12. Either the Brisbane Catamaran Centre or Sunstate Hobie will be able to sell you some, but they'll probably cost more than your boat.
  13. Morning all, I’m getting regular calls at present asking if I know of any second hand Taipans on the market beside those that are advertised. Enquiries range from “project boats” to boats with championship potential. So if you have any desire or even thought of selling please either advertise your boat here or if you don’t want to post an ad let me know so I can add it to my own list and pass on suitable enquiries. You don’t have to be a current member to advertise on the Taipan website. To give you an idea in the last month or so two Victorian boats that I know of have been sold to NSW
  14. You should have bought Lachlan's Peter. Does this mean you're old/current boat is heading to NSW?
  15. ^^ What he said ^^ Also given your location if you're after that style of boat probably look for a Maricat. That way if you do need spares you'll be able to go to the Brisbane Catamaran Centre who are the builders
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