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  1. Hey guys, It is with much sadness that I am selling my bulk head (mk2) W14 Super Sloop. Known amongst many as "Fade To Grey", it has a notable history. I bought it in December 2010 and decided to give it a new lease of life - I went hell for leather with restoring it and renamed it "Oscillate". Hulls have been repaired and professionally resprayed in marine grade 2pak white. New hull hatches from and rear. Beams and tracks powder later satin black. New fittings and saddles. New tiller arms Ronstan Battle Stick Extendable tiller Repaired and reshaped rudders painted in same marine grad
  2. ie. zippered pockets for righting rope? How much if you can remember?
  3. Hey guys, Finished "restoring" and reassembling my windy and it's as good as ever. Took it out on Friday for a brief run around Brisbane waters and did so with out any dramas so I'm a goer for this season. I did have one small problem... I put my arse through the rear starboard side of the tramp - stitching busted half way up the track and reefed straight out of the track and around the spline. I did the same thing back in February but on the other side so I think it'd be worth replacing soon but for the time being I'm going to get it restitched so I can actually use the boat. I don't necessa
  4. Good work! You should add background-attachment:fixed; to the body class in the CSS so the background stays static when you scroll the page.
  5. Every one needs a chill pill, maybe a prozac? Here's a distraction...
  6. I don't know any of those actors? Was there wine? I would have made a special guest appearance if there was wine.
  7. I always thought black market to be somewhat more illicit.
  8. Off the shelf? Over the counter? Prescription? Black market?.. Nimben?
  9. Don't get sea sick, Michael Still waiting on my boat... :(
  10. Michael is right, Matt... You have been up there a while now and you haven't even been out to MPSC. Shame shame shame!
  11. Why would a standard not have a dolphin striker? I was under the impression that the turbo was super sloop ready - doesn't make sense to me for one to have a dolphin striker while the other doesn't if they're running the same beams and mast.
  12. I know didley about this stuff, but I think you should give the Zhik a go and compare it. Its comfy, adjustable, supportive and functional. I think that's worth the extra $50 or so.
  13. I have a Zhik one. It cost me $350 which puts it in as probably the most expensive on the market (that I've seen). It's also the simplest and most comfortable one that I tried out - far more so than the the Gill and Burke ones. Putting it on is as simple as climbing into it, pulling it up and doing up one clip. Adjustment over shoulders is like backpack straps and around the waist is wide velcro straps that don't come undone. Also seat is like kevlar and crotch is made from an stretchy stuff which means that you don't get your package caught up. http://www.zhik.com/ProductDetails.aspx?categ
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