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  1. there is a geltek flyer for sale in adelaide currently $8500. check gumtree
  2. does anyone have a used PT tramp they want to sell?? the old one on the training boat has finally given up. if anybody has an old one in the shed they dont want, please give me a ring 0488 376497 thanks Brian Partridge
  3. wild thing is for sale, 3011 asking $3500. a seriously well set up boat, with everything you need to race, a very competitive boat with many club championships to its name, glass hull and deck, trailer, recent sail, fahey boards, ready to go, delivery can be negotiated contact Glen Partridge - adelaide
  4. thanks tonyquoll! i couldnt find anything previously, may have to employ a torch and a remote camera to look inside the hull, and will have a better look around the rear beam. see what i can come up with!!!
  5. hi everyone, ive just purchased a pair of PT's for the kids, both boats came with 2 sails each, all different sail numbers.. previous owner is reasonably sure none of the numbers are the originals for the boats.. is there somewhere on the platform where the sail number is permenantly fixed??
  6. will swap for A class or other larger single handed
  7. stingray mk II 580 for sale, foam sandwich hulls, boyer A class rudders 2 masts, both fully rigged. 1 x auswing, 1 superwing 2 mains, 1 new goodall square top (pentax) 1 Raybrown pin top ( dacron) 3 jibs, 1 brand new goodall, 1 older goodall, 1 older Raybrown all dacron, all with zipper luffs 1 spinnaker nacra 21sq.m. assy comes with full kite kit, pole, carbon snuffer and sock new pair of ronstan auto ratchets for kite sheets custom galv trailer, fibreglass sail box and beach rollers no money to spend on this boat!! will keep up with and beat some of the newer F18's for more inf
  8. stingray cat for sale ,$4500 foam sandwich hulls with ply decks, light boat and very stiff platform 2 mains, 1 new goodall, pentax square top, foam battens, like new, 1 older pin top ray brown dacron, fibreglass battens 3 jibs, i brand new goodall dacron, 1 older dacron goodall, 1 older ray brown, all with zip up luffs 1 used nacra F18 spinnaker, great condition, endless sheets and halyard, new carbon snuffer ring, new chute and brand new ronstan autoratchets on the kite sheets 2 masts - 1 auswing-bendy, 1 superwing-stiff, both fully rigged incl trap wires. both 100% ready to go, take both t
  9. sorry both A's sold... stingray still for sale
  10. if your going for a square top, youll want to run a stiffer mast. not for strength, but due to the concept of the square top. with a pin top mast, you use the mast to lay off and depower, however in a square top sail, the sail lays off... you dont want both happening...
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