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  1. You need to keep the bows LEVEL on any point of sail - and upwind just skimming the top of the water... so weight forward upwind and weight towards the stern offwind... and constantly trimming to maintain that attitude… And. if a boat is 'spraying' water everywhere - IMHO that's a sign of inefficient design - at least in catamaran design...
  2. Hi Jish, It's generally accepted the Windy is more forgiving - and can be pushed harder off-wind than either the Maricat 4.3 or Hobie 14. You just have to visually compare hull volume ahead of the main crossbeam to see the difference. The Maricat is essentially a 'better' Hobie 14 - whereas the Windrush designers departed from the more pronounced 'banana' shaped hulls of the other 2 - especially forward of the halfway point on the hulls... This means a Windy is a little slower in light to moderate conditions - everything else being equal, and/or the skipper has to work a lot harder to
  3. Hi Bradley, no 14ft cat is gonna perform with 150kgs on board. 90 - 120kgs is really maximum weight - unless it's blowing 20 knots + in which case having 2 kids on board is asking for trouble... I have a nice Windrush 14 on trailer for sale - old boat but still in great condition with mylar sail and furling jib - goes great too - but it's in Sydney... Let me know if interested… PP
  4. Hi Kevin, it's probably better to ask any questions here on the Windrush Forum... because the 'old' manual is now out of date... What do you need to know? PP
  5. That's good to hear... the Hobie 14 is still a fast / slick design - albeit not as nice as a Windy or Mari to sail... and definitely less forgiving for the average sailor. IMHO, the reason for the poor sales of Windrush 14 is that Windrush Yachts is focused heavily on the F18 - and sees the W14 as a distraction... and frankly the page that describes the W14 is old and unexciting... a real shame for a fantastic design / cool cat that still holds up against the newer designs.. For a better representation - look at my page - and if u wanna get the boat above the car and off the street - ch
  6. Try Windrush Yachts - they might have some old stock - but honestly, unless u r sailing in shallow waters all the time - the new deep kick-up rudders transform the boat ... Just no comparison for speed and handling... PP
  7. Then u r probably aware that the only 'active' racing fleet is based at Port Kembla? Not sure how many there are at Mannering Park - but I'm pretty sure they're Maricat-centric up there... I'm Sydney-based, and have tried (in vain) on a few occasions to get some interest from those guys to occasionally travel up to Kurnell Catamaran Club - even if it was for just a 1-day event - however, they have never come up as a group... so I pretty much gave up... I also tried to get a Sydney Social Catamaran Sailor's Group happening - but likewise, no real interest shown - even when there
  8. Hi Kurt, where are you based? PP
  9. A Maricat and Hobie 16 are completely different pussycats... there's no point in comparing techniques... When it's blowing 20 knots+, and you're sailing cat-rigged, you will most likely have to do the 3-point 'reverse-tack' 7 times out of 10 - UNLESS you happen to pick exactly the right moment to throw the cat into a tack, and the swell and or waves help push the bows around. In very strong winds (20-25knots) you need to be brutal - or the boat will control you, instead of you controlling it... Above 25 knots it's 'survival' - and personally, it's too scary to be enjoyable... Anyway, yo
  10. Simple solution: When it's blowing 20knots + leave the jib on-shore... unless you're 100kgs or more - in which case hang your arse over the rear beam and go for it... All 70's plasti-cats have the front beam too far forward to allow 'safe' broad-reaching in 20 knots + and that's just the way it is - as confirmed above... Sure, tacking is harder without the jib, but the extra power of the jib just isn't needed in those conditions if you're of average weight... Other solution? Sail a Windrush 14 instead - they're MUCH nicer in scary off-wind conditions... The Maricat is basically a Ho
  11. Trial Bay at South West Rocks... beautiful and safe spot to sail and camp... although I did the B & B Thang when I was there... Check YouTube for an excellent windsurfing video showcasing the bay... "South West Rocks Windsurfing" by Paul Van Bellen On the way up there's Port Stephens of course...
  12. Hi Pete, do whatever's easiest and most efficient. If that means a link to a Facebook Group - that in turn links back to the new Windrush Association Website - then why not? My only 'concern' is that allowing anyone to post comments can sometimes lead to unwelcome 'trolling'... however getting on FB certainly exposes the boat and it's great flexibility to a lot more potential sailors... And of course FB also allows videos to be posted too... Anyway, not sure if this is what you meant? Back 2U… PP
  13. Check this site out - lots of good info here:- http://lswsa.org.au/windrush-600-pages/
  14. OK Michelle, well u r lucky - Windrush Yachts is there in O'Connor, Perth. You can find Brett's detail online - he will be able to help you sort it out... I'm in Sydney - so it's harder from a distance... You'll have a ball on it - just don't venture too far off-shore until you know your - and the boats' limitations...
  15. Yep - that's a Windrush 600. Where r u based / planning on sailing? PP
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