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  1. All the best Peter, I have enjoyed your company at a few regattas, hope to catch up sometime. If coming to Wagga bring the Mari and enjoy a sail with another mari. May see you at your Anzac regatta Cheers Drifter
  2. I know its not in your area but is in excellent cont. not my boat but have seen it recently worth checking out http://waggawaggasailingclub.com.au/sailyard.htm Drifter
  3. Good Morning folks, I have spoken to Garry on last Friday and he is interested in attending the weekend at AWYC. Maybe if you contacted him directly throught the WWSC website. At present he is very busy with work and home; Iam sure he will make all efforts to attend Cheers Drifter
  4. Hi guys, The draft sailing program for Wagga Wagga Sailing Club has the cat "tune and test" weekend already pencilled in with no Championship events on, so we should get a few sailors travelling to AWSC for the 'tune and test' weekend. The info has also been sent to Griffith and Lake Cargellico and also the PT sailors who maybe able to enlighten us mortals on the finer art of cat sailing. I will be there for the weekend to enjoy the great sailing and hospitality that AWSC always puts on, looking forward to seeing how fast my old maricat can be made to go. Cheers Drifter
  5. Congratulations Dr Peter on getting the Commodores position at Yarrawonga. How soon will have your 2011/2012 racing calander posted? Just to ensure we can pencil in your regattas into our program. Cheers Drifter Race Secretary, Wagga Wagga Sailing Club
  6. Wagga Wagga Sailing Club has its club regatta on the October long weekend. This year however, it is the Paper Tigers New South Wales State titles. Bring along your PT and enjoy the inland sailing experience with topclass competition and very close sailing Cheers Drifter
  7. It would seem that the first thing we should ensure is that one, maybe two regattas are promoted as our own clubs best event/s of the season. Then those with a wish to promote there class at that regatta, be it cat , by length, by class, trailer sailor (I wish I could have worked a way to take the mari on my old ross650), must put their hand up to help. For a large class 'special' event, say State titles then special starts would be granted if requested. otherwise starts would be as normal. Nothing too confusing for regattas where the important thing is to ensure everyone enjoys great sailing
  8. Thanks Peter. From our clubs point of view I would assume that any effort to increase participation at our respective regattas is welcome. Anyway it's always nice to get away, camp or what ever and just sail for a couple of days. Drifter
  9. I have taken an interest in some of the 14ft cat sailor forum discussion (CAT SAILOR forum…MARICAT ’Inland maricats 24th April ‘) about the resurrection of Maricats in inland NSW and Vic (northern). There has been some ideas put forth with respect to giving instruction to the inland Maricat sailors of Wagga, Albury, and Yarrawonga , Griffith and Lake Cargelligo, to improve their performance. It may be time to discuss something like a local travelers series similar to the series that already exists for PTs and other 14ft cats, mainly coastal locations. This can be very expensive for the averag
  10. I would to add that sailors at two other nearby inland clubs could be easily included in a tune up session. The Griffith club has Maricats sailing regularly and from memory so does Lake Cargelligo (the latter is abit further away). By the way: Thanks must go to Yarrawonga YC for hosting an excellent 3 day regatta over the Easter/ Anzac w/end.
  11. It is a shame that the maricat class is apparently being split into two groups 1) the foamies and 2) the others as seen from the results of the Batemans Bay regatta just held. We don't have too many of the newer boats in the country areas but Maricats of all vintages are still preforming above their weight (particularily in lighter conditions) in many inland clubs. The comment about sailing Maricats with the old coloured sails, would mean that you would be sailing at the back of the fleet may not be correct if you have sailed against some of these inland sailors with their very old cats. I may
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