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  1. You should be able to lower them by lifting the rudder arm
  2. Darcy Did you receive the email I sent a couple of days ago regarding the sail & trailer wheel?
  3. G'day Darcy Do you still have the windrush sails available. I'm looking for a main sail. Regards Ron
  4. Reply from Zhik Hello Ron & Sue, Thank you for your email. It is very timely and we have been receiving many similar questions. Yes the Zhik Red PFD complies with this new ruling 100% however the latest YA NSW Press Release has created much unnecessary confusion in the marketplace about EN393 50N PFD’s which comply with the new ruling as long as more than 60% of the garment is in a hi-vis colourway- Which the Red Zhik PFD is….and other PFD’s of the same type from other brands. We will be issuing a press release shortly to clarify this, however in the meantime thank you for your inquir
  5. Thanks Brian & Tony good info. Seems to me that to comply with YA NSW new reg. the PFD will have to be labled Type 1 or 2 or carry the AS No. so the Burke or Gill are probably the safest bet. Don't want to show up to a regatta to be sent home.
  6. Time to replace the old PFD's. Would like one that won't try to come off over my head when I'm in the water! Does any one have any thoughts on the best brand/s &/or what to look for? Ron
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