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  1. I am wanting to make my own till arms dose any one know what grade of Aluminum to look for ?
  2. My tiller broke as well was looking for another , looks like I am off to the Al shop as well unless some has some ?
  3. I am looking at getting 5.0 this is my first Nacra as have been sailing a14 ft cat what should I be looking for ?? good bad or other ??
  4. Brisvagas Morton bay Woodie point to Morton island and back in the group was Hobie 16s , 14s ,Hobie Getaway and a Calypso 16 I have the orignal Lee sails in good condition will set the boat up in the yard on the weekend for a pic of the setup ect
  5. Wind 1 light 5 knots or less 2 10/15 konts Traveller centered , jib slot close as I could get
  6. On a weekend sail with some Hobies they sailed way closer too the wind than I could as I had to bare away or stall then had to tack to regain corse again this has happened on two other trips my rig setup is Raked mast , shortened shorouds , rig tension per tuning guide Jib with clue plate this trip set to netural luft and leach tension Rudders are raked and tiller rubber joints replaced with nacra joints Down haul standard tight as I can pull Vang loose little understanding Out hall tight enough to
  7. I would use some older Hobie type ie 14 or 16 in used condition but too date non found I have been asking around a little , one other idea is too use the Nacra parts from Murrys in the USA I have included a pic only about $50 usd
  8. at this point I am thinking of using a hobie tiller povits but there is other things to ??? and the better option in my thinking is to use the Hobie 20 / or 16 /14 upgrade povits they also have adjustments built in Murrys in the USA have them for $150 usd
  9. Broke a rubber tiller povit today would like to replace the setup with some thing that is more positive and with better adjustments
  10. has any one replace hatch covers with larger ones for better access and water sealing
  11. Catamaran 14ft will sell parts , mast , rudders, mast float , main sail has Redco trailer that is adjustable to any cat with spare wheel in Brisbane north Kallangur
  12. Looking for a sale batten as I broke one this weekend ? Pm me with price , prefer pickup in Brisbane
  13. I broke one Sale batten this weekend and need a replacement ? would also look at even a complete sale with battens pending condition and price perfer pickup in Brisbane PM me with detail
  14. I am trying to set a trapeze for the first time and am finding it difficult to fit all the parts together in particular the "hound" on the mast seems like there is too many wires for the fitting and it becomes very crowed up there then the situation of the shock cord and how much I am given to work with , would love some one to post a pic of there trapeze set up so I can get a understanding of how to make it work
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