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  1. When doing back to back you usual try for about 40min races with about a 5 min turn around after the last boat finished. The 40 mins goes up or down depending on clubs. I have sailed at some clubs that go for 20min races and fit as many in as they can in 2 or 3 hours. Our club when doing back to back will have a 40min race for the first one or two and a 1.5 hour race for the last one.
  2. You can use both in conjunction. Have the best of both worlds. Be able to pull the rudders down while having them pop if you hit something.
  3. CGU insurance is good. All the claims that my friends have lodged have been accepted. They even fought RACQ insurance through the courts for over a year in our defence. We had a successful outcome with the court finally telling RACQ to pay up.
  4. how much. I have one for sale in the nacra feed and the for sale feed. Am willing to travel to deliver. Number 382. good condition, all the bells and whistles. spinnaker kit.
  5. Geez Craig its going to be hard to step of that back onto the 4.5. Although it is a strange way to keep racing against James or is James getting the new 5.8 and your going to be chasing him with the menace with crew and the 18 without.
  6. I know it is a bit off topic and sounds like I am stirring the pot but. We had a race in Bundy on the weekend and there where four cats and four wetas. 15 to 20knots. The wetas won the capsize prize. 2 wetas upside down compared to one cat. Back on topic. We had a kid on a Nacra 350 here. He had a ball. Anything over 5 knots still out there in 20knots. He travelled to all the regattas we went to and raced against the monos or did a lap less than the big cats if he raced with us. At home he raced the wetas and kept them honest but not really competitive until it got up to 15knot
  7. Another trick I have done with my mainsheet blocks is to remove the spring from one side of the cleat. Therefore it does not grip the rope as hard and is easier to flick out
  8. Some cobra's just have a ratchet pulley on the lee ward side and a cleat next to the side stay on the windward side. I have even seen the cleat integarted into the side stay. That might not work with a jib the size of a 5.8
  9. if you want a tighter race you could do Gold coast to Bundaberg inside course. Gives you narrow from gold coast to morten Bay. Then a bit of ocean sailing from Caloundra to inskip point. Then Narrow again behind Fraser island finishing with semi open waters to Bundaberg. Biggest problem would be the bar at Inskip point.
  10. Like the idea but where is a big question. The bay to bay is a marathon but can be completed easily in a day. Mackay to Townsville would be good. Problem is support. Lot of open areas with no way to get support to. townsville to port douglas?Could try around Port philip bay with a mark off each sailing club. I'm guessing but it should be close to 170 km. Have to include nacra 5.8's (only cause i got one)
  11. You sort of answered your own question at the top. If you have another club member that can get your boat to perform he is your best and closest source. Get him to take you for a run. You be the crew and watch how he/she sails it. Most of the down wind speed will come from the tiller acton. You set your sails in approximately the right position then steer the boat to get the most out of them. Sounds like your fellow club member has the knack. You just need to see up close how he does it. I started on cobras and was well down the pack for many a years. I would set my boat how the guns
  12. 56 boats across 6 divisions turned up to Wangi for the 36th Nacra Nationals.Wind was variable across the seven days ranging from two hours of sitting becalmed waiting for wind to 20 knots by the end of racing 3 hours later. With races being held in light and heavy air it was a good test of seamanship. Racing was tight in most divisions with the 16 squares going into the last day with the first three boats tied on points. 5.8 and 4.5's and F18's only had 1 point between the leading two boats. Last day started with a very variable 6knot westerly for the first race and finished with a glorio
  13. This weekend. Hope to see you there
  14. No one was hurt. I think someone was wanting to turn across the lane and was shunted from behind just as Peter was passing. What you call extremely bad luck
  15. It really is something you never want to see. Peter day from the Keppel Bay sailing club was on his way home from the Hervey bay regatta whenhis car and boat where side swiped by on coming traffic
  16. When sailing check the rotation of the mast. Depending on wind strength if you are not adjusting mast rotation you will find that on one tack the mast will not be rotated as far as the other. On our 5.8 we find that as the wind increases one tack the mast will under rotate which causes us to go low and fast. On the other tack the mast will rotate a lot further and we will point higher but not go as fast. Once the wind gets over about 14 knots we will start to use the mast rotation as a form of depower. By overrotating it we turn the excess power into height. Bit of a bitch but when you fo
  17. Square tops are legal. They have won the last two nationals and last two QLD titles. The magority of boats sailing regularly in Qld run the square top. Is that better. Didn't realise I was using my outside voice
  18. 16's are the same as all boats. They are fairly tough. just check for corrosion on the aluminium bits. Check the deck where the skipper sits. They can get a bit soft with age. Check the rudder gudgeons for cracks near the pin. Rudder cases can devolop cracks on the upper side of triangle. Wouldn't be to concerned about the main. The pintops seem to be a little quicker to winward and slower on the down winds. probably not to the 1.5pts that VYC allow. Bottom of centre board cases can get worn but are fairly easy to bog. If it has an internal tramp track check to see if there is signs t
  19. The Learmonths' Foodworx regatta will be held on the 5th and 6th of April. It will consist of two sailing sessions first being saturday afternoon. Free camping is available onsite. Meals and drinks are available. It is part of the South east Nacra Super series and Intercity series. Come have a party and warm up for the easter titles.
  20. Hi geoff which way have you gone with your next boat. What fleet are we going to find you in now
  21. Aghh forgot the important bit. For full results go to http://www.sailingresults.com.au/ScoreItV2/Public/Templates/Default/index.php?event_id=159
  22. A small and dedicated band of Sailors travelled to Goose's home ground of Bunbury to contest the 2014 Nacra Nationals. There where 3 Nacra 350's with Warren and Madison Guinea winning a tough contest narrowlly beating Jarrod Potter and Kaiella Taylor with a lot of the races having less than 10meters between first and second. Mark Colecliffe finally got his hand on the Nacra 16 square title after many years of trying, beating Jarrod Potter(last years winner) by one point. Racing between the top three 16's was close with 50metres covering the three of them for most of the week. Although the
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