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    Sail a Maricat around the cans and cruise an Investigator 563. I really am a doctor --- of education
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    Zeerust, victoria
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    School principal of tiny single classroom rural school
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    2 x Maricat 4.3m cat rigged. I a mark 1 with traditional rig and multicoloured sail and one a mark 2
  1. Might have to dig out the Mari from under the tree. Peter
  2. Phil, You are a good man! I really enjoyed our time together. I might go Maris in the future (I still have mine) but my school got flooded (three weeks now the school is closed) and I need to reduce my emotional load, therefore less club, less racing. Peter
  3. You can still join - plenty of cats at YYC
  4. Guys, I still have the Mari, but in fact I have reduced my involvement in my club (YYC) both on committee and as an ordinary member. I have just resigned as commodore and I have decided to go crewing for others on a big trailer sailor. I would like to thank all of you on the Maricat forum for your help and assistance over the past 12-18 months while I was working stuff out. I really enjoyed the states and nationals but I doubt I'll go again. Be lucky, Peter
  5. Tacking I would support Jimbo's Tricks and add for light winds once you get over the windward side it helps to get your weight forward to the front beam - it seems to unstick the boat - and you don't have to stay there long. You may also have to rotate the mast and make sure the battens have all popped. The other thing is do not sheet on too fast too firmly. Also have the traveller let out just a little. Peter Light winds are what we live for.
  6. apologies I have the operational trailer and was almost ready to travel the distance but now someone else has has tapped me on the shoulder for the Timpenny Titles at Bendigo. It means I get to crew with wifey (who is usually part of the crew) and a skipper I admire. We should be competitive whereas I was only going to be a bookend at the back of the fleet at the Maricat Nationals. Also, Bendigo is only a couple of hours drive compared to hours and hours. I must also admit that prior 'trailer problems' do prey on my mind. Sorry guys but maybe next time. Peter
  7. Sorry, I forgot I posted here! I was listening to Focus, Jeff Beck, Status Quo live and Cream. Peter
  8. I already had the Mark I which was in reasonable order so I never attempted the repair on the Mark 2. Peter
  9. 10 March is hard for me - Taser Titles at my club (Yarrawonga YC) and little my brother getting married again (in Adelaide). All on the same weekend, I have a great little trailer sailer and we need to do a Marley Point sometime. Peter
  10. The same thing happened to my Mark II and it has now gone to God! Minus lots of very nice fittings - most of which are now on my old Mark I. Peter
  11. You know, Phil, a little while ago I happened to be in Tallangatta, Victoria. Its not a big place and there in a yard - I saw a defunct decrepit Maricat. They can be found all over. Peter
  12. Myrtleford Hi Ross, Good to hear from another Victorian Maricat owner. Where you are is probably a little far from us (Yarrawonga YC) for regular sailing but check out North East Wind Sports club (NEW). Greg and the boys have reconstituted the now defunct Lake Mokoan Club and sail Blokarts and sail boats out of Wangaratta. Might be worth a look for you. They do have a web presence. Peter
  13. Post event report All done and dusted. We managed five races - two on Saturday and three today. A big turnout of Finns and Lasers but only four cats today - Two Taipans, a PT and my old Maricat. My thanks to those who came - and to the team at YYC. it was low-stress and well run. Peter Commodore Yarrawonga YC
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