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  1. Thanks guys. Peter, are you local to Canberra? I actually joined The YMCA to do the sailing course in 2008. My kids are always keen to go out with me so I am happy taking them out. When that changes I may rejoin and begin racing.
  2. So to let those of you that helped me, know, I placed an order via Liftking in Sydney yesterday for a genuine (new) mylar Jib & tramp.
  3. Wow, that sure generated some comment! Some good points there. Darcy - No pressure but would you like to respond before I finalise my decision? Rohan - I quoted the lower priced Windy Jib (with no luff wire and halyard) to make it a fair comparison. Are you saying it is not 'correct' for my cat?
  4. Ok, so the upshot of all this is, I think I will go with the Tramp for $280 (incl freight) from darcy1945 (UEM $341) & a Mylar battened Jib from Barracouta Sails for $450 (UEM $570). Thank you all for your input. Any last comments before I place any orders?
  5. Lotta good advice there fellas. I do love sailing the cat. Grew up in country NSW, riding motorbikes & water skiing, not sailing. First time I sailed a cat was on my honeymoon at Hamilton Island in 2003 (think they were Windrushes too) & instantly fell in love (with cat sailing of course!). Bought my Windrush 5 years later - at 44, never too late to start eh.
  6. Tell tales for Windrush 14 identification - so, to summarise whether my Windrush 14 is a Mk I or a Mk II : The Tell Tale / What My Cat Has / Which model this indicates Sail Number / 4529 / Mk II Bulkheads / ? / ? Forward Hatches / Nil / Mk 1 Traveller Track Angle / Vertical / Early model. Mk I or II? Rear Hatches / Thin rubbery lining (until mid 80's) / Mk I or II? Did Mk I have this? Am I best to assume I have a Mk I? Any comments?
  7. No worries Michael. I couldn't see anything inside the rear hatch, it has a thin rubbery lining which is rivetted in, so dont know if it has bulkheads. The traveller track points directly up, not angled forward, what does this indicate? Hey Darcy1945, do you have a picture of one of your tramps (preferably on a Windrush)? Do I need to buy any gear eg mat hooks etc?
  8. Thanks Sando, I have sent Barracouta an email for a quote already. Thanks Darcy1945 & Remo. Michael (Tornado), did you get my email last week, re your fathers jib?
  9. Hi Darcy, that tramp sounds interesting. What do you mean by bias cut? What colour? Made to fit my boat? Meets all racing requirements eg stitching? Do you make them or just sell them? Thanks again Michael. I will look for potential bulkheads over the weekend. Is there supposed to be a hull number somewhere?
  10. Thanks for your responses. Much appreciated. I have now checked out the Windrush website - handy. I will see if I can include another photo to see if agreement can be reached on the model. Yes, I believe Sirrius used to travel to competitions a fair bit, even to WA, mainly by son previous owner (Andrew) &/or son. Sails may have been changed because he said he had two sets - I only got one set. It is in good nick, I have learned to refibreglass & have done one rudder & both hulls last winter. I don't know of any hatches up the front, only the rear. What do you mean by bulkheads?
  11. I'm a novice sailor, live in Canberra and have owned (& enjoyed sailing) my 14 foot Windrush cat since buying it 3 years ago. Trouble is, the Trampoline needs restitching and the Jib now needs replacing as well. Could I please have some advice on where to go to get these issues rectified? Am I better to simply replace the Tramp, instead of restitching it? Can you buy replacement sails & tramps ‘ready to go’ or do you have to get them made up? It’s an all white ‘Surfcat 14’ but I don’t know how to tell how old it is? I imagine it's a Mk1, from what I (quickly) read on this website. I ha
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