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  1. You could use these automatically inflatable ones: http://www.rakuten.de/produkt/secumar-kenterschutzkissen-secumar-ksk-20-und-ksk-40-selbstaufblasend-546898625.html
  2. http://www.catsailor.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=16618&idcategory=273 http://www.h2o-sensations.com/en/233-carbon-key-hole-buckle.html
  3. On my Hobie FxOne, the standard trapeze wire is a 4mm Spectra rope, which can be spliced relatively easily. You could eventually buy a Hobie trapeze and then adjust the lenght yourself.
  4. lifejacket, Gps, VHF, epirb is my standard equipment anyway but what is a V sheet? Is it paper or rope ;-) ?
  5. Maybe you could use something like this, made for FxOne http://www.fx-one.de/index.php?id=40 [ATTACH=CONFIG]749[/ATTACH]
  6. This is the origin of spam ;-)
  7. This stuff is made for exactly that. After I used it, my sail comes down by it self. Its a dry lube, so sand and dirt will not stick to it. http://www.harken.com/McLube/McLube.php [ATTACH=CONFIG]640[/ATTACH]
  8. And they're off ! There's a better sat track here http://www.sat-view.fr/interface/interface.php?login=terresens
  9. Somewhere in the text it said F20 and also in the sail it says Nacra but there is a mixture of pictures. When they crossed the Mediterranean they used a Hobie but the curved daggerboards are unique for the Nacra I believe
  10. I DID find the guy but he has no report of the trip although he was willing to answer questions
  11. More tour descriptions please! Very good and thorough description. I enjoyed it. I hope we get more tour descriptions. Do you have some photos of the fully loaded cat ?
  12. I have FxOne 165 and love it. Here in Europe its being raced in its own class with one or two crew. Its a fast and a challenging one man craft (I went from an OK dinghy with 8m2 sail, to the Fx with 35m2) that also embodies the Hobie Way Of Life, as its hulls are strong enough to be pulled up on the beach and not like some of the 75kg youghurt pots that you can't even look at before getting bumps in the hull.
  13. A little bit more info http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2011/07/19/248271_ntnews.html
  14. I'm thinking of trying some sort of kite as it doesn't need a mast and stows very small. Did you make the trip yet ?
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