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    I sailed for one season in Darwin when I was 14, on an Arrow with my younger brother. I resumed sailing at Grafton 40 years later, first on a club Pacer, then an Arafura Cadet, and now on a Mozzie.

    I wish I'd done it sooner but better late than never. I intend to keep sailing until I die.
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    Clarence River Sailing Club, Grafton, NSW
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    Arafura Cadet, Arrow, Mosquito, Black Witch

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  1. Hi Lisa, welcome to the cat sailing fraternity and congrats on the H14 purchase. Regarding clubs, I understand your attitude of wanting to be a loner but you really would gain a lot from being part of a club. Social sailing, non competitive racing, is so much fun. And as others have said there is the safety aspect; there is safety in numbers. All the best in your and your sons' sailing adventures. Greg.
  2. Hi Geoff, Thanks for the info about Everdure, I presume you sprayed it on? About how many coats would you have applied?
  3. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the info. Nothing on ebay at the moment but the information you gave was enough for me to track him down. Don't you just love Google, and forums? BTW Jeff, some time ago you posted some pics of beautiful varnished Mossie hulls on the other forum. I was wondering when, why and where those Mossies got varnished? Thanks, Greg.
  4. Hi, There is a seller of secondhand cat parts in Queensland who calls himself the Maths Teacher. Does anyone have a contact for him? Thanks, Greg.
  5. Hi Kingy, Could you post some pics on the Mossie site please, and link it here? Like Mick I would love to see your setup, as I think I will try something similar. Thanks, Greg.
  6. I capsized the Mossie one-up a while back and also couldn't right it. The mast had hit the bottom and the wind was pushing the mast into the mud and I couldn't get it to come up at all. An old hand suggested to me afterwards that I should have sat on the stern to get the boat to come around into the wind, so Jeff's suggestion of standing on the bow is opposite of that.
  7. There is a sailing club at Urunga and they race on the river there once a fortnight. Other people also sail there independently of the Club. The sailing is restricted by the width and depth of the river, but it is not too bad if you are used to those sort of confined conditions.
  8. I bought an old boat and it has one hatch cover missing. I dunno what brand it is as there is nothing written on it other than "Open" and Close". It is not a Ronstan, Riley or Nairn. The thread OD is about 104.5mm and the lid OD is about 113mm. I need one cover before I can sail the boat. I would like to get three so that I have a couple of spares. Can anyone help? Thanks, Greg.
  9. I am after a pair of 4.9 boards. If anyone has some, or can point me towards some I would be most grateful. Thanks.
  10. My humble apologies. I downloaded the Register from the Victorian site rather than the National site. I have the March 2013 one now. Thanks to everyone for their help and advice. I have bought the Dyneema.
  11. Thanks for the information about Dyneema; I will buy a roll. Drew, I just downloaded the Register again, and it is the same old one, and has not been updated. I have not received an email from you. Greg.
  12. 1) I am just about to make some new trapeze wires, and I was wondering if there is any advantage in having either flexible or stiff wire? 2) The Mozzies I remember from my long-ago youth in Darwin were mostly varnished, and looked great. I would like to have a varnished Mozzie for old time's sake, even if it was old and slow. I was wondering if anyone knows of an old varnished Mozzie that needs a new home? 3) The National Mosquito Association has a Register of all known Mozzies, with their sail numbers and owners listed. My boat (1434) is not on the Register, and I would like to get it inclu
  13. I am after a second hand Mozzie jib in reasonable condition. Please email Greg: gim@midcoast.com.au Can anyone tell me how to post a classified on the National Mosquito Association website? I can't figure out how to do it. Thanks.
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