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  1. I am new to forum, have had a some experince on Hobie16 in my youth. Looking for a fun Cat, now that there is some water in the dams at Toowoomba Qld This guy will take $2200 I think. What are they worth, though it is probably more than I have to spend? Advert below.

    Prindle 16ft beach catamaran on registered trailer. Both in good condition. Includes harnesses and new spare tyre and tube. Trailer has been extended so can be towed by high top van. Sails have been recently refurbished. Can be sailed by 1,2 or 3 people. Kept under cover. Sails well lots of fun. Launched and retreived easily as well. Easy to tow and back.

    I've spent $3500 on it so far so its priced to sell

    Selling price $2400 Year 1985


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