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  1. Ready to sail; regularly maintained and used. Hull approx 1980s (?). Strong, reliable, can carry 3 people and do overnighters. We’ve been to Moreton, Straddie, Whitsundays, Great Sandy, etc. Complete with heavy duty trailer (registered, bearing buddies, winch, sail box), beach roller / storage. Includes storage canisters, spares, spare set of rigging, harnesses. Recently upgraded rigging, re-did tramp, sealed hulls and renovated spars. Also for sale (separately) is a full set of safety gear (flares, radio, jackets, charts, etc). Photos are here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4j0fwafnlyyre5
  2. Regarding mast stays, I used australianwirerope (.com.au) to replace my rigging after finding a broken strand. In Brisbane. IMHO this was cheaper than marine suppliers, and better than DIY crimping since they use 'proper' copper ferrules and swaging press. I sent them a detailed dimensions and am happy with the result. Life expectancy is said to be 5-10 years. Very variable you'd think depending on usage, whether it's moored or stored, etc. I decided to replace the lot when I first saw a broken strand. A complete set (forestay, 2x shrounds, 2x outer shrounds ('side stays'), jib halyard, 2x br
  3. Thanks Jon - great info. That's just what I wanted. I'll search for "Whitsunday" instead of "Whitsundays" next time!
  4. Updating on my experiences, after following the advice above: I've done 3 overnighter trips around Moreton without (major) mishap. From Redland Bay to Amity, Amity to Moreton (no worries here), up Moreton West side to the very top (unprotected water), Moreton to Brisbane, etc. As people have noted, it's sometimes a bit nasty with the swell/fetch/wind and tide combinations. But overall, I think it's reasonably safe with some experience, the right equipment and two people. It's a great place to sail.
  5. I'm thinking about sailing in the Whitsundays for a week in Feb - Apr, on a 16" calypso cat. I'll pack everything into the hull and camp. After some overnighters (camping on the beach) on Moreton (see thread), I think this will be possible. Most islands are accessible via semi-protected water, and the scale is similiar to Moreton. Has anyone done this kind of trip, and can often advice (time of year, feasibility / safety, crocs, etc). (There are some passing reference in other threads.) Cheers, Brett
  6. I'm cat-camping in Moreton Bay and enjoy it a lot. An old 16' calypso cat fits about 100L of gear - awkwardly. Sleeping on the tramp is comfy (with a thin thermo-rest). I use an old tent's inner as it's cool and mozzie-proof. All hiking equipment, such as stove, etc is suitable. This photo is cooking dinner on a sunset near Amity Point (near Brisbane). [ATTACH=CONFIG]421[/ATTACH] Brett
  7. Thanks everyone for the info: most helpful. In summary, for others considering 'cat cruising' in Moreton Bay with a 16' cat (mine is an old Calypso): - Sailing it solo is okay. Up to 15knots is manageable. Over 20knots would be dicey. Tried Victoria point to Amity for an overnighter with no problems. - Righting solo is possible but difficult (I just managed in light winds with a 30L bag of water to add weight). - Righting with two is much much easier. - South of Peel Island seems protected for wind/current/waves ; north needs more attention (ie. semi-protected). - Safety-wise I'm carryi
  8. Thanks Darcy1945, that's encouraging. Although not the bit about 3 or 4 capsizes! I'll need to practice righting the boat. Does anyone else have further specifics on the crossings mentioned above?
  9. Hi Eragon. I've tried with a step ladder and failed - maybe I just need more practice, as it did seem feasible. How do you take your mast down though?
  10. I've been exploring Moreton Bay recently on a Calypso 16 and am considering a longer trip. Is it safe to cross from Amity Point to Moreton Island? The charts show semi-protected water, but also logs, posts, etc. I was there on the cat last weekend and it looked quite protected from the swell on the bar. Then, further afield how about from Moreton (say Tangalooma) back to Bribie (or Redcliff). This is quite long (on a 16" cat) and more exposed. Safe? Assumedly a south-easterly would be best? Thanks, Brett.
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