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  1. Had this for 3 years bought it of a guy who had it about the same. Not sure how old it really is. Sail number is 43 so that should help. Boat is in very good condition. Selling due to lack of being used. I just had the tail lights replaced and had a few loose stitches in the main sail fixed. It's on a registered trailer [till July 2017] comes with a spare wheel, has beach rollers and has a long and short tiller stick. I bought this after having a 5.2. This boat's mast is much easier to erect and in fact I've set it up myself a few times. It is ideal in that you can sail it by yourself or h
  2. Thanks for your replies. I have bought a NACRA 4.5 .
  3. Is the problem the weight of moving the cat around on and off the trailer to the water and back, raising or lowering the mast or just handling the power? I know I can handle the power on these boats. Your info on the 14 sq convinces me that this boat would tick most of the boxes. Which boat is quick and easy to rig the 14sq or the 5.0.? The 5.0 having no dagger boards and boom looks good. Does the 19sq sail mean it has a large mast and therefore more difficult to get up solo?
  4. Hi Guys , I want to down size . I had a 5.2 . I'm gathering info so as to make the right choice, having been mislead the first time. I would like a boat that can be sailed solo for fun and on the occasion have a passenger. My price range is around $4K. So I thought a 4.5 however there's not much available and the one that is, has a price twice that of similar boats that have sold in the last 2 years . Is a 14 SQ to small for me being 100kg? At 56 y.o can I get the mast up solo on a 5.0 . Having no boom or centre boards should make it easy to set up and sail solo. Any advice? There
  5. There seems to be a shortage of lower priced 2nd hand boats. I know it's that time of year when people think of sailing. For me, I think it will take some time in finding a boat. The quality ones seem to sell fairly quickly. Plus some owners of boats requiring plenty of work are asking top price. One boat I was going to look at was sold when another buyer put down a deposit even though he hadn't seen the boat yet. I've been caught once with a boat that required heaps of $ to make it seaworthy! So I'm telling my self to be patient.
  6. Hi Guys, Just imagine how many more people would be into cat sailing if these were our prices in Aussie dollars! Adventure Island $3,999Tandem Island $5,599Options for both AI & TI: Trailer $; Super Dolly $; Dodger $; Aka Trampolines $; Evolve Electric Motor Bravo $3,399Options: Boom Kit $; Trailer $; Dolly $499 Wave $5,499Options: Zipper to remove lower panel for reduced sail area, available only when ordering new Mainsail $98; Jib Kit $247.40 (without sail); Jib Sail White $196; Jib Sail Colored $210; Spinnaker Kit without sail $336.60; Spinnaker Sail $298; Backrests $720; Trailer
  7. Wanted Nacra 4.5. Would like a boat with trailer and cat rollers in ready to sail condition. In SE QLD area + 500ks Call Peter 0412955209
  8. Nacra 5.2 for sale . Boat is in good condition. Boat was serviced by Briscat Nov 2011. Trailer is registered. Bought new beach rollers 11/11. Trampoline is in near new condition. Has 2 trap. harness. Price 3K Boat is too big for me on my own so I want to down size. I'm located in Buderim Sunshine coast. Email Peter at spotxoz@yahoo.com boat has now been S O L D
  9. I have a 5.2 for 3K new rigging done November 2011. Contact Peter 0412 955 209 Sunshine Coast
  10. Hi Guys, I bought a 5.2. a year ago. Would you believe my first solo set up [ without experienced help] took 2 1/2 hours . Since then I've got it below 1 1/2 hours but haven't yet cracked the the one hour mark. I'm told a 5.8 can take as little as 45 minutes. Is this accurate? Cheers Moaiman
  11. Thanks for replies. I went for water in the hull. I kept an eye on how much the trailer/boat could handle. I quickly found the crack. It's right near the front rhs trailer roller.
  12. Hi Guys, My RHS hull in my 5.2 is taking on a lot more water than it should. I have no idea where it's leaking from. I know around the base of the dagger boards is common area to look. I've tried sealing the inspection hatches and bungs by using plumbers gas tape. That didn't make any difference. Being the latest owner of an old boat means I don't know if there's any history to it? All I know is little has been done in the past so my $ spent to fix it, is climbing. [ which means I could have bought a lot better boat] . I'll well press on any way. I thought I might take it to a servo and some
  13. Hi Guys, Finally got some fun wind [around 13K] which was very enjoyable. I was surprised that we virtually had the place to our selves! On a previous occasions it has been 20 k +. Not good for a newbie. Very stressful! The lake has heaps of room to play around in. When I come in and park the boat everything is so close . One minute later I'm at the shop ordering lunch. Then it's back out again. I was surprised how tired i was after a day out. I sail a Nacra 5.2 Number 1114. Hope to see someone else one day ! Cheers Peter
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