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  1. As some of you have seen the 5.0m is making a come back, if anyone knows of any sitting in back yards or at clubs, would be keen to see what is still out there, we have 8 on the water, know of two more here on central coast, we know there is at least 2 more in Qld, and a couple of them in vic, I can be contacted on 0415496688, or you can message me on the Mari 5.0 Facebook page
  2. This years brass monkey will be held as usual over the June long weekend, site won't allow me to attach the NOR so it can be found on our Facebook page" Toukley Sailing Club inc", hope to see you all there the one of the biggest and the final regatta for the season
  3. Darcy if it's Adam I have contact details for him, he is the only one I know at wang
  4. We are looking for all the maricat 5.0m that are scattered all over Australia, there was only 22-25 made we have found 7 of them, looking for the rest of them open to negotiations on price wanted for them
  5. We are looking for any Mari 5.0m around can you keep your ears open in vic, if there are any they can get us on here or on maricat Facebook
  6. If your out Mudgee way you might want to look up wallerawang sailing club
  7. Great fast boat, regretted sale as I have done a lot of work to get this going as good as it does now, but need a 16' for me and kids, f14 just not suitable anymore, $4000 Ono any questions just call 0415496688
  8. If you look on Facebook in the group sailing buddies we have a list of all regattas through the season listed there
  9. Sold, boat is going to Sussex inlet, enjoy
  10. Its design is similar to tiapan or old Boyer A class, it was called an international 430 but now its an SDA 430 (sat'dy-arvo 430) only two made and the other has never been put together (we know where it is) I travel a fair bit, where are you
  11. My f14 has a small square top, I'm running tipan boards and blades and the rest of the boat setup is very much the same as the tipan only two foot shorter, if you see there slightly bigger head and trim down back curve, my sail is already very close to tipan size just shorter
  12. I raced an alpha omega f14 at Oberon regatta and we were evenly matched and our yardsticks are the same at 84, yours is 87 so not that much different, although I have been able to keep up with hobie 18s in the past
  13. Boat name Riledup, 3016 sail no. green decks, good fast mk2 full super sloop rig, trailer.nothing to spend, rig and race. 2 main sails ( one white( brewing sail)other Fluro green ( original production)same number both sails) both in good condition.1 jib, trapeze, some spares as well, great boat $1500 0415496688 Rob Fowler
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