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  1. Oh and what about the Myall lakes? Anyone been sailing there? cheers
  2. At Trial Bay can you leave the boat rigged up on the beach overnight? What about Forster at the sailing club? Is there camping there? Is Mannering Park the only spot on lake macquarie? THanks for the tips
  3. Looking for somewhere to set up the cat and leave it near the water for a camping holiday between Lake Macquarie and Coffs Harbour. Anyone have some good tips as to where to go for such a trip?
  4. So when it is recomended to twist the main when using the spinaker is this what you would do? Advice so far has been to have the mainsheet on hard.
  5. How is twisting of the mainsail achieved?
  6. When sailing downwind in an F18 with the spinaker, what is the correct position of the main? Is it meant to be sheeted hard? Do you let the traveller out? cheers
  7. Was originally after Nacra 5.8 but happy to look at other large cats to allow for crew size up to 180-200kg. Prefer NSW or south QLD location. Cheers
  8. 5.8 wanted in good/excellent condition. Location between Hunter to Coffs Harbour. email mat_peter1@yahoo.com.au cheers
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