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  1. Can a paper tiger main fit on a Hobie 14?
  2. Thanks Carl, blade has arrived. thanks for you help steve
  3. Hi Carl, If you can be bothered to post to Melbourne that’s sold. 0422090814 is my number. cheers steve
  4. Hi cdoch, do you still have the rudder ?if so are you in Melbourne? cheers steve
  5. You can restrain your second tiller with electrical conduit clips. They have 25 mm and 32 mm $0.84 a pair. One goes over your tiller bar with the other sitting on top to retain the tiller extension. They have existing holes for fixing . Works a treat for under a $1 if this isn't clear let me know and I'll post a photo on the weekend. my boat also came with twin extendable tiller extensions and it was a pain in the arse until i put on the clips.
  6. Hi kurt, i have the starboard tramp track and jib cleat to suit 0422090814 steve
  7. Cdoch was great to deal with, he has other Hobie 14 parts , highly recommended
  8. Where is the best place to get a replacement tramp from? cheers
  9. Should the Downhaul rope pass over the gooseneck and back down to the cleat or thru the eyelet in the sail ? Also do Hobie 14 s have boom vangs as mine has the fittings to mount one but no vang came with the boat? I have an old paper tiger one I can fit but is it needed.? sorry if the questions are basic but everyone has to start somewhere.
  10. Boat will be based in Blairgowrie in the Mornington peninsula. im a windsurfer and am looking for something to get me on the water for s bit of fun in the 15 knots and under days. picked up some new parts from sl Hobie today, very helpful and everything in stock , not bad for a 30-40 year old boat to still have parts easily available
  11. Ok fixed. Previous owner had converted to a rope halyard because when he fitted the mast float he bolted the top two holes thus preventing the swage from passing through the mast top. i have managed to reverse the halyard back to original via the fix on another thread ( very clever idea) so next question is four pop rivets enough for the float ? (Seems pretty solid)
  12. The previous owner had reversed the halyard from the normal position. So that the swage that normally locks the sail in is at the mast base. The halyard is fairly heavy duty but sail is only really held up by the cleat. Is this a common change and is it safe? I looked at reversing it but cannot see how to do it without removing the masttop. Help!!
  13. . This makes sense, thanks for you help.
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