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  1. thanks corey will be in contact soon. looking forward to it.
  2. hi guys, on the weekend, i did something stupid, i had a wire tangle and took out the only front stay and then disconnected a main shroud and surprise the bloody 9mtr mast fell down and i had the pin in. so now i can put the mast on but it broke along the bolt. i did sail for the day but just wondering if it cost much to replace, or can i continue for a while till i have dollars to replace. thanks brendan
  3. hi guys could some help me with an email or contact for the wivenhoe dam club as im keen to join. thanks brendan
  4. hi guys, still have not worked out how to work the downhall. has some one got a picture or a diagram that could be usefull, it is an older boat. thanks brendan
  5. hi looking for 2 x small trap harnesses for kids if anyone has some they want to sell please email price and postage. live in ipswich qld. thanks
  6. thanks it is about 11 years old so prob a 8:1, i thought the 16 sq is a one up so it should be able to be put setup by one lol. there must be a way. sorry live in qld camira, ipswich
  7. Hi, just bought a 16 sq after 9 years out from social sailing. could someone help with 2 questions 1) how does one person get this mast up without breaking a boiler or something on the boat. 2) can someone either send me drawing or give directions on how to setup the downhaul for the 16 sq nacra. thanks heaps
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