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  1. Hi Remo, I would definitely consider a Nacra, however I do not believe that there is a club sailing these in any numbers in Victoria. If you know of any clubs, please let me know. Badboy6340, Cheers for the info for fixing the foam in the hulls. Is this foam common to all MK1 boats? There is already an inspection hatch on this boat just before the front beams, and it looks as if the foam has been worked on before. I think if I decide to touch it, it will be something i will leave to the winter season. The boat would still need to new tramp, I would like to replace most of the ropes and woul
  2. Cheers for your help everyone, I had a good look at the hulls yesterday and it appears that it is actually a MK1 boat, with some DIY foam which runs along each of the hulls. Unfortunately, most of this has become unstuck... Whilst the gel coat on the outside appears in good shape, and the glass around the beam moldings appears in good shape, I can see this becoming one of those 'never ending' projects. I had decided I would much prefer to use the small amount of free time I have to try and get out on the water, rather than fixing up a boat in the garage. So I am back to looking for a cat whi
  3. Hi Guys, So I have decided to fix up my dads old Windrush, and was originally planning to re-join Chelsea Yacht club but have realized that the Windrush fleet is long gone. I don't believe that there are many Windrush's sailing in many clubs around Port Philip Bay, however was wondering which clubs have a decent catamaran fleet where I could at least compete in the handicap races. McCrae was mentioned in a previous thread - any others?
  4. Thanks for your replies. I have a friend who used to build fiberglass boats for a job, so I am going to get him to have a look at the hulls to give me an idea what state they are in. Its a shame that the Chelsea fleet is no more, it used to be a really good fleet. There was a couple of Nacra's there for a while, I wonder if they still appear occasionally? If the hulls are fine I think I will fix it up. I always wanted to eventually sail a Windy, so there is a bit of a sentimental attachment to them. I will definitely head over to Mccrae to see what they are sailing, I can always compete for
  5. Hi, I've been getting the urge to get back into sailing, and my dad has an old Windrush 14 catamaran which hasn't been used in a few years (its got fiberglass bulkheads - one of the early 'Shannon' boats) I had a look at it yesterday and the hulls don't look too bad, though it will need a new trampoline, set of sails and some new ropes (the Dacron main is probably OK, but the jib is hopeless). I use to sail at Chelsea yacht club years ago as a junior, and there was a pretty big Windrush fleet there then. I went back to the club a few weeks ago and it doesn't look they sail there anymore. i f
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