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  1. Just FYI, I tried through my Credit Union which goes to CGU and although they would insure the boat they were pretty vague about covering things like storing the boat at the club and damage to other boats while racing. I got nervous when they asked what sized motor I had on the boat and how fast it went... I ended up with Tudor Insurance which I remembered insured me years ago when I was sailing an Impulse. They seem to know the OTB Cat game and only deal with agreed value so there's no mucking around with market value arguments when claiming.
  2. Hi. I just called Club Marine "Australia's largest provider of pleasure craft insurance" and they told me they don't insure Nacra OTB multi-hulls. She thought it was Nacra specifically that they don't cover because it wasn't listed in their list of manufacturers. In other words: Computer says no. Seems weird to me as it's not like Nacra is a niche brand. They had Hobie Cat in their list. So the question is, does anyone have a good insurance company I can try that will insure a Nacra OTB Multi-hull for club racing etc. ?
  3. Ooops I just bought one this evening #431. I couldn't resist once I saw it in real life. Thanks for the info nickopen. Once I've actually set it up and can understand what and where the layout is I'll PM you if that's still OK. When you say rake, you mean mast rake rearward right? Played with that a fair bit on my Impulse dinghy so I'll have a fiddle on the 430 once I get it on the water (hopefully next weekend).
  4. Hi, I'm looking to downsize from my old A Class which I've just sold to a Nacra 430. Sailing at the north end of Port Philip Bay when the seabreeze comes in (a southerly) there can be a 1m plus swell at that end of the bay in the summer. I can't really find any youtubes or pictures where anyone's sailing in a decent swell only with a stiff breeze in sheltered water. Does anyone know how the 430 goes with that sort of swell and say 15-20+ knots 1 up? I've seen a couple of videos where the bow has been buried a bit and it looks pretty civilized as it just slows without heading for Davey Jones an
  5. Another sort of related question. If you have a mast made for and used with a pin-head main, can you just put a square top main on that mast or do you need to make some rigging changes or even buy a new (stiffer) mast to suit the square to sail?
  6. Hi, I'm thinking of getting a Taipan and I see there are some cats are for sale with Main sails cut for Cat rig and some cut for Sloop rig. Would someone in the know be able to tell me what the differences are in the cut and other setup between the two types of main and if you can still get good performance from a main cut for the other rig type when sailed in the opposite configuration, i.e. a Sloop cut main used as a cat rig and vice-versa. Are their also rigging/mast rake/diamond changes needed when using each of the two types of main sails (beyond the obvious need for a jib )? Mar
  7. Thanks for the tip tonyquoll. I'll look into it. Regards Mark
  8. Hi, is this the same 16sq that's in the Tradingpost? http://www.tradingpost.com.au/Boats/Sail-Boats/AdNumber=TP005040227 conv_638.pdf
  9. Hi, I'm in Melbourne and was looking at getting a Nacra 14 Square. Does anyone know anyone who is racing Nacra 14 Squares in a club on Port Philip Bay? I see Port Melbourne Yacht Club has at least a couple of Nacras in the yard, but they are a 5.0 and a 5.8. I think the 14 Square would do well when the wind gets up a bit as it tends to on the bay. Thanks Mark
  10. Hi. I'm looking to buy a Mosquito cat. I'm in Melbourne and am willing to travel as far afield as Brisbane or Adelaide for the right boat. I want to start racing a Mozzie next season being a dinghy sailor going over the the dark side (or some might say I'm coming to my senses). The right boat for me is a later built boat such as one with a sail number around 1600+ made of either ply or glass, just not too heavy. I'm primarily looking for a good value ready to race boat, but I've built a few ply dinghies and will also consider a mozzie that is a good foundation to build on and needs work to get
  11. AO F14 Video The AO F14 video is back up but hardly anyone has viewed it: It looks like it goes like the clappers even in the rough seas although a couple of nose dives look like they might have been cut out of the video Apparently the T foil rudders help keep the hobby horse reined in. Wish I'd been in the market for one like i am now when AO F14 No. 02 came up for sale on ebay late last year.
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