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  1. 2008 , on trailer, new ropes kit, good condition, $17500 with brand new sails or $16000 without boat located in Perth but will travel to sell. will consider swapping for F18 catamaran of similar value, viper is a great boat my crew is simply to heavy jcallaspect@gmail.com 0487928530
  2. boat is in good condition with a new ropes kit just fitted. can throw in trailer for extra $1500 0487928530
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a regular crew to sail on sundays at nedlands sailing club, preferably someone who wants to go to nationals ect, must be within 50 -65kg and fairly strong, the boat is a Viper f16 0487928530
  4. also there are hardly any around... with all the f18s 16s ant the new f17 its not that apealing unfortunatly
  5. yes scuttle i can see your point... f16 seems to be the way to go... ,thanks madbout but thats a bit to much power for me... crew problems
  6. does anyone no why there is no tipans sailing in perth?
  7. hopfully its as fast as the viper... time will tell i gues... i think the viper is going to be more popular and therfore a beter boat to get into... hmmmm decisions
  8. I'm seriously considering buying a nacra f16 as ive herd the viper still has the tipan problem of being nosey in a breaze , i just cant find any info on them are they as fast as viper, what are they like to sail ect! anything would help. Cheers
  9. There will be another tipan in perth on the 6 of next month ... ill be sailing at nedlands sailing club.... windrush is a massive backstep, i have one as a mucK around boat .. they sink the leward hull as soon as the wind pick up when you have one big person or two small and are very frustrating to sail.. nacra 430 4.5 5.0 or 5.2 would be a much beter option..
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