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  1. dam I'll try, I've sailed Robbie Lovigs (if that name is familiar to you, for a while there he was doing pretty well in the cats before he stopped) tiger and i absolutely loved it. @darcy, thanks for tip regarding the h18, Im looking at one on the weekend, any advice is good.
  2. Hi all, me and my brother are itching to get onto the water in a boat that can take two adults and doesn't mind some rough conditions. We dont plan to race it at the moment, so hull condition is more important than new sails. Have raced hobie 16's in the past and are looking for something similar, or larger. Just missed a nacra 5.8 in auction and was gutted, we dont have the biggest budget, but please let me know if anything comes up. We are located in Melbourne, and are happy to drive a couple of hundred k's, or freight with enough detailed photos
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