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  1. Darcy, the 'near new' sails you mentioned, I am thinking about a jib. Does it have a zipper luff. Ross
  2. You guys that change from cat rig to sloop rig, one way of course is to use a furler. Do any of you have a removable jib, if so how is it attached to the front stay. Do you use twist-on hanks and if so what is the spacing between the hanks ? Thanks, Ross.
  3. This shaped stainless steel plate Sikaflexed over the cracked and split hulls did the trick for me.
  4. Darcy, I have moved the block attachment points inboard from the normal position to narrow the slot a bit on my Mari 4.0, but I find with the changed angles that I am unable to cleat the jib sheet without moving way forward from my sailing position. If I could change the angle of the cleat from that pictured on the standard block by having an adjustable cleat as pictured on the Ronstan unit my problem would be solved. Do you have a block with an adjustable cleat as in the pic in your treasure trove of spare parts. Thanks, Ross
  5. Thank you gentlemen for your alternatives. Ross
  6. Thanks Darcy for your reply. You're probably right about a 4.3. I have been able to handle the 4.0 on and off the trailer relatively easy but at 107kilo's and built out of bricks its heavier than a 4.3 anyway. I have a very good trailer, I'll have to see if I can extend the rollers to suit the 4.3. Lee Sails in Sydney will do one in Dacron for $950. Thanks again for your response , Ross
  7. The old rainbow sail on my 4.0 is getting tatty and tired. Is there a sailmaker that anyone knows of that will still make a rainbow sail. 4.0's are a rare bird and second hand sails in good condition even rarer. Who makes the sails on the newer 4.3's, white with a coloured flash. I'm only club racing and don't need the latest hot racing materials. Thanks Ross
  8. The chainplate repair is solid as a rock Tim. There would be nothing on the backside as there is no access to the inside of the hulls. The guy used Sikaflex and I'm assuming splayed as opposed to normal rivets.
  9. Still sailing the 4.0 EXHOGGER at Yarrawonga.
  10. Great discussion. Does the advice above re downhaul apply to sloop rigged Mari's, particularly 4.0 ?
  11. The tramp I got from you is still fine. Just hoped you might have had a 4.0 sail in your Aladdins cave of spares
  12. How about a Main and jib for a 4.0 Darcy ?
  13. Many thanks ymick. I guess I could have done that but I didn't know such a trade existed.
  14. Definitely interested ymick. More info please.
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