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  1. Yes very quick. I had it for a good price but 24 hours and 2 people wanting it was a bit surprising. Brett's contact won it so thanks for the tip CTMD.
  2. That's the one. Took it for a fang out at Glenelg. Perfect day for it.
  3. No it is the standard lift to cleat and flick down to uncleat for the centre sheeting.
  4. Thanks for the reply and have an ad on the Taipan site and will contact Brett. Not sure of the brand on the center sheet system in the photo. Works fine but I now prefer to use the rear sheet system mostly.
  5. This Taipan 4.9 is AHPC factory built in 2010, Sail No 345. It has only had light use and meticulously maintained. It has AHPC sloop sails in near new condition maybe used half a dozen times. The AHPC Cat main has a couple of seasons work but in very good competitive condition. There is both centre and rear sheeting systems included as well as light transport covers and the factory heavy duty all weather cover which can be fitted with the mast rigged. Also included are cat hauler balloon beach wheels and an as new 2012 Mackay no tie trailer registered in SA with 2 sail boxes, a spare wheel a
  6. I have the parts to make up a set of beach wheels in Adelaide. I have the tube with some plastic wheels with tyres fitted that was off a set for a Taipan 4.9 and I have 2 "as new" cradles that are off a set of the cat rollers from Bris cat centre. The wheels are wheel barrow type wheels so OK on the beach but not as good as the big aeroplane wheels. $250.
  7. Christie's Beach Sailing club are hosting the Onkaparinga Coast Sailing Championships this weekend. Catamarans are more than welcome and there will be at least a Taipan and Mossie there but hopefully a few other Cats as well. It is 1 race Saturday and 2 races Sunday. Saturday will be a blast down the coast and back depending on conditions and Sunday 2 races around the cans. There will be a BBQ after the first race on Saturday. Entry is on the day and first race starts at 2pm. Hope to see you there.
  9. Nacra 16Sq SOLD Very good condition on registered trailer. Currently racing at Christies Beach SC. South Australia. Has 2 sails. An older racing sail in good condition and a newer sail with the sweeper professionally removed for pleasure sailing with friends. Tramp fitted in OK condition but wil supply brand new tramp with sale. Also has new side stays and diamond wires. Rest of rigging in good shape. Hulls in great condition and daggers and rudders good also. Also has new outhaul traveller on one sail with older one fitted to the other. Sail no 55. Currently in Adelaide. Has beach wheels
  10. Not sure about mixed fleet but best bet would be Adelaide sailing Club at West beach near Glenelg if you want near the CBD. I'm not a member but I think they have H16, F16s, some 18s and a few others. Somerton Park have some cats as well a little further down the coast. I sail at Christies SC (40 mins South CBD) and in the summer and we have a 16sq and 2 Mossie regulars that race with the mono hull fleet.
  11. I sail a 16sq which is designed for 1 up and does have that performance feel you are after without being too much of a handful. I am completely new to sailing and was able to sail this around a course the first time I went out on it. I also take friends and kids out on it which it handles no problem. Usually I put the passenger on trap if enough wind. Only issue can be the sweeper sail as it makes tacking with 2 or more people more difficult, but the new flat head sail is not a sweeper. I also have an extra pin head sail with the sweeper professionally removed which is better for social sailin
  12. Hey Corey, Do you think you will want to de rotate up wind and rotate downwind. If so, why not leave your original mast rotation set up and just add an extra set of cleats on each side of the boat, maybe mounted on the aft side of the fwd beam, that alows you to cleat the mast rotation rope coming from the opposite side? This way you could rotate and de rotate the mast from either side of the boat. Pete
  13. Yes they are white and it is definately corrosion of the cable, not discolouration. Thanks for the replies, I will stick with the coated ones. Is Nacra-Maricat Australia, Brisbane?
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